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Facility Guard

Starting Ammo Pool (Firearm + Reserve)
9x19mm - 60 rounds

Health: 100 Stamina: 20s Jump Power: 4.9
Sneak: 1.6 m/s Walk: 3.9 m/s Sprint: 5.4 m/s
Allies Enemies
Mobile Task Force


Chaos Insurgents

Class-D Personnel

Other Information
Spawn Location: Entrance Zone
Class ID: 15
Class Color: 5B6370

Facility Guards are a military class that spawn in the Entrance Zone. Their goal is to escort Scientists to the Surface Zone, and either eliminate or detain the escaped Class-D Personnel.

Operational Guides

Class Operational Guide

The SCP Foundation’s internal security force deals with a large array of problems, such as old and poorly fabricated containment chambers, D-Class, and disloyalty. These brave men are the first and foremost response and can make all the difference. 

Security guards come equipped with all the tactical gear needed to handle any scenario, giving them the best chance of preventing a situation from escalating.

“The truth of the matter is, when a large catastrophe does strike our Site, all our protocols, all our drills… none of that will matter. Everything is unpredictable. Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. It’s just a matter of time. We are not the most well-equipped security force the Foundation has. If a large catastrophe hits, we’ll only have our wits and instincts to keep us alive. We are the first line of defense. We are the first responders tasked to save those in danger. We have the responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of all staff members. Because of that, you are the bravest men I have ever had the honor to serve with. ”
-Cpt. Everett Janek, Security Chief, Site-02

Site-02 Lockdown Procedures — Security Directives

In the event of a Code: White/Gray breach.

- Priority A

On-site security teams are to make immediate attempts to re-secure the compromised zones so QRF, or tactical response teams, may approach the crisis unhindered. 

All members of site security are to prioritize the safety and security of site personnel — Class-C and/or Level-1 and above. Principal priority personnel remain to be research staff.

If evacuation shelters have been rendered ineffective, due to the nature of the threat, security staff are to escort any surviving personnel to the surface for extraction. The entrance gates are to always be kept sealed to prevent the escape of SCP objects. 

In the case of assault of a highly-organized major force, security personnel are not to engage directly unless deemed absolutely necessary. For more information, and the expanded version, refer to “Executive Prevention Code". 

- Priority B

- Priority C

- Priority D

- Priority E

In Game

At the start of the round, Facility Guards will spawn in a random room in Entrance Zone. They will spawn with a FSP-9, a Guard Keycard, a Flashbang Grenade, First Aid Kit, Radio, and Light Armor.

A Facility Guard's goal is to defend Scientists and escort them to Surface Zone. They can also choose to eliminate, or disarm any Class-D Personnel they find. Disarming can be done by holding down the E key on an unarmed player with any gun equipped.

Guards can then either search for the proper Keycards required to leave the Facility, or wait until Mobile Task Force Operatives arrive. Once MTF have arrived, Guards are encouraged to cooperate with them to defeat the hostile SCPs and any Chaos Insurgents that may have spawned.

While looking similar to the actual MTF units (and spawning with weaker equipment), Guards wear a more simple grey camouflage as compared to the MTF blue.

Spawn Locations

Image Room Name Image Room Name Image Room Name
Loading Dock
Corner Hallway
Straight Hallway
Conference Hallway
Intercom Room
Large Office
Minor Office


  • Guards were added in the 6.0.0 update.
  • At the start of the round, if the game is for some reason unable to spawn a player as any class, the game will simply default to Facility Guard as a failsafe.
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