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Basic Info
Type Submachine Gun
Cartridge Type 9x19mm
Ammo Capacity 30 (+1)
Spawn Locations LCZ - Armory
Weapon Locker Type 21
HCZ - SCP-049/173's Containment Area
Spawns on Facility Guards
Basic Stats
Damage 22.3
Fire Rate 690 11.5 bullets per second
Weight 2.45 kg
Length 45 cm
Handling Stats
Draw Time Default draw time 0.38s
Draw + Chamber Time Draw time for unchambered firearm 1.04s
Tactical Reload Reload time when the magazine is NOT empty 3.44s
Combat Reload Reload time when the magazine is empty 4.64s
Pick-Up Time Higher weight increases time 0.67s Unrounded value: 0.67375s
Accuracy Stats
Bullet Accuracy The overall accuracy of the gun.
This value is added to Hip Fire and Aiming Accuracy.
Hip Fire Accuracy This value is added to Bullet Accuracy with rounding. 1.7 1.9° (with Bullet Accuracy)°
Aiming Accuracy This value is added to Bullet Accuracy without rounding.
Values past the 100th place are not shown ingame.
0.4 0.57° (with Bullet Accuracy)°
Running Accuracy 2.5°
Miscellaneous Info
Obtainable from 914? True
Deletion % in PD Pocket Dimension High Tier (0%)
Disarm Immunity? Does having this item equipped make the player
immune to being disarmed?
Attachment Combos  54
Manufacturer Foundation Gunworks  
Lunae Defence (Various Attachments)
Inspired by H&K MP7A1
Debug Name GunFSP9
Item ID 23

The FSP-9 is a type of Firearm in SCP: Secret Laboratory. The FSP-9 is the primary weapon used by the Facility Guards, it acts as an early game firearm and is good for killing unarmed players.

Operational Guide Entry

A compact 9mm personal defense weapon; the standard issue firearm for all Site-02’s on-site security. It is highly versatile, as its grip and collapsing stock allows the weapon to be adapted to any situation.
Though originally designed for its own armor-piercing cartridge, the guns were retrofitted to 9mm to make use of the surplus of ammunition.

“Yeah, the new guns are nice. Not quite a sidearm, but compact enough to be holstered. The recoil is controllable, and having a new gun that lets us use our existing ammo supply is a nice touch. I just think it’s a bit much, y’know? I mean, I get that security is being upped and all, but do we really need 30 rounds of 9mm to stop a few rowdy Class-D? Those guys are the main reason we’re armed… right? It's almost as if they plan on giving us more responsibilities.”
-Agent Barry Clark, Senior Security Guard, Site-02

In Game

The FSP-9 boasts a high fire rate, making it a powerful weapon at the start of a round, able to quickly kill unarmed players at a close range. The weapon's light weight and short length makes it effective at shooting while moving, but its low penetration (35%) makes it less effective against players with Combat or Heavy Armor. Additionally, the FSP-9 has extremely high inaccuracy and recoil, making it less effective at longer ranges without the foregrip and stock attachments.

The FSP-9 has 4 possible spawn locations:

Due to being a closed bolt firearm, the FSP-9 bolt will be locked into an open position once it runs out of ammo, which causes the reload animation to be slightly longer. The bolt will only lock to an open position if the FSP-9 currently has a magazine in it. If the magazine was removed from the FSP-9, but the bullet in the chamber was not, firing this bullet will not cause the bolt to lock to an open position. Though, reloading in this state will still cause the reload animation to be longer than normal, as the player now has to rechamber the FSP-9.

Holding down the E key on a player with the firearm equipped will disarm the player.


Sight Attachements
Attachment Stats
Iron Sights
ADS Zoom 1.25x
Default attachment
Dot Sight
ADS Zoom 1x
Weight +16%
Holographic Sight
ADS Zoom 1x
Weight +18%
Barrel Attachments
Attachment Stats
Standard Barrel
Default attachment
Flash Hider
Flash Suppression
Length +7%
Weight +4%
Gunshot loudness -65%
Bullet accuracy +18%
Flash Suppression
Equip Time +0.19s
Length +41%
Weight +14%
Stock Attachments
Attachment Stats
Retracted Stock
Default attachment
Extended Stock
Aiming Accuracy +100%
Recoil When Aiming -40%
Equip Time +1.47s
Length +51%
Bottom Rail Attachments
Attachment Stats
Retracted Foregrip
Default attachment
Recoil -30%
Equip Time +0.93s
Side Rail Attachments
Attachment Changes
Default Attachment
Ammo Counter
Ammo Counter
Equip Time +0.24s
Weight +27%
Laser Sight
Hip-Firing Accuracy +100%
Equip Time +0.24s
Laser is visible to others
Weight +12%
Light Source
Equip Time +0.24s
Weight +16%


No Armor Light Armor Combat Armor Heavy Armor
Penetration 35% 35% 35% 35%
Body (100%) 22.3 16.5 13.6 10.7
Limb (70%) 15.61 15.61 15.61 15.61
Head (200%) 44.6 44.6 21.41 21.41
AHP (30%) 6.69 4.95 4.08 3.21
Burned (125%) 27.88 20.63 17 13.38
Purple Candy (80%) 17.84 13.2 10.88 8.56
Rainbow Candy (95%) 21.185 15.675 12.92 10.165
One hit to kill.
Two hits to kill.
Three hits to kill.
Four hits to kill.
Five hits to kill.


  • These values are auto calculated by Mediawiki, there may be some rounding differences between it and Unity, so some values may be off by a tiny bit.
  • Armor does not reduce limb damage.
  • Rainbow Candy does not reduce head or limb damage.
  • Rainbow Candy's Bodyshot Reduction is permanent and stacks up to 4. (Lowering damage to 85%). The value in the chart represents 1 Rainbow Candy.
  • Purple Candy does not stack with itself
  • Shotgun does not deal headshot or limb damage.
  • SCPs do not take limb or headshot damage besides SCP-049-2
  • SCP-173 bullet resistance is the same as Heavy Armor. Hume Shield does not have any resistance
  • Combat Armor and Heavy Armor have the same protection level against headshots. While Light Armor has no protection against headshots
  • The rows listed as AHP represents how much damage HP takes while under the effects of AHP. It does not represent how much AHP is lost.

Related Achievements

Click to view 3 achievement(s) related to FSP-9:

Be Polite. Be Efficient
With a firearm, kill five enemies in under 30 seconds. The timer starts after the first kill.

Change in Command
Disarm an MTF operative.

... You Thinking What I'm Thinking?
Pick up any firearm as a Class-D Personnel.



Official 2.1k Render
The former inventory icon of the FSP-9 (known as the MP7), before the Parabellum (v11.0.0) update.


  • The former name of the FSP-9 was MP7.
  • Despite the H&K MP7A1 using 4.6x30mm rounds, the FSP-9 uses 9x19mm.
  • According to the COM-18's Operational Guide, the FSP-9 replaced the COM-18 as the Facility Guard's standard issued firearm.
  • The Dot Sight for the FSP-9 is based on the Barska Multi-Reticle Electro Sight.
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