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ATTENTION! This article's topic contains information about the Halloween 2021 Event. The Lantern was removed from the game after the event ended.
This page only exist for trivia purposes now.

Basic Information
Description Let there be light!
Type Equipment (Tool)
Usage Shines light around the player
Other Information
Spawn Standard Locker
LCZ Armory
HCZ Ammunition Armory
Obtainable from 914? True (Used Flashlight Recipes)
Deletion % in PD Pocket Dimension Low Tier (50%)
Spawn ID 15

The Lantern was an event exclusive Item found in SCP: Secret Laboratory during the Halloween 2021 Event, replacing the Flashlight. Despite this, its inventory name still said Flashlight.

In Game[edit]

When equipped, the Lantern would emit a small, orange light around the player, allowing them to see easier in the dark. Making it effective at stopping SCP-173 from moving when SCP-079 blacks out a room. The Lantern could be toggled on and off via Left Click.png Left Click. The player could also swing the Lantern back and forth as it would respond to their camera movements. This effect was purely visual and had no effect on gameplay.