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Class-D Personnel
Appearance F1 Menu Art

Does not spawn with any items


CATSTATUS.png Health: 100 CATSPRINT.png Walk: 4.1 m/s 

5.4 hubes

CATSPRINT.png Stamina: 20s CATSPRINT.png Sprint: 5.5 m/s 

7.35 hubes

CATSTATUS.png Health: 100 CATSPRINT.png Walk: 4.1 m/s 

5.4 hubes

CATSPRINT.png Stamina: 16s CATSPRINT.png Sprint: 5.5 m/s 

7.35 hubes

CATSTATUS.png Health: 100 CATSPRINT.png Walk: 3.6 m/s 

4.86 hubes

CATSPRINT.png Stamina: 14s CATSPRINT.png Sprint: 5 m/s 

6.615 hubes

Allies Enemies
Chaos Insurgents Facility Guards
Mobile Task Force
Other Information
Spawn Location: Light Containment Zone
Canon Name: Jan Kalous
Class ID = 1

Class-D Personnel are a civilian class that spawn in Light Containment Zone. Their goal is to get to the Surface and escape.

In Game[edit]

At the start of the round, Class-Ds will spawn in the Class-D Cells without any items. Their goal is to get to the Surface, and escape, which will respawn them as a Chaos Conscript. This will also give the Chaos one Respawn Ticket, allowing for one more Chaos to spawn during that round.
A Class-D that escapes while disarmed will respawn as a Mobile Task Force Private. This also gives the MTF one Respawn Ticket, giving them 2 more teammates in that round per disarmed Class-D that escapes (This can be disabled by changing the server setting cuffed_escapee_change_team to false).

Class-Ds win alongside Chaos Insurgents with a "Insurgency Victory" if the amount of D-Class escapes is higher than the amount of Scientist escapes, and all other classes are dead.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]


  • One of 2 classes notified of a Chaos spawn (via the Chaos theme).
  • More Class-Ds spawn than any other class at the start of the round.
  • With proper coordination, Class-Ds have the ability to become one of the greatest threats to the facility.


  • Don't spawn with any items.
  • Are hostile to all but one class in game.
  • Tend to be shot on sight by most players (KoS).

Related Achievements[edit]

  • Escaping as a Class-D grants the It's Always Left, Brothers! achievement.
  • Escaping under 3 minutes grants the Escape Artist achievement.
  • As a Scientist, upgrading your card alongside a Class-D grants the Friendship achievement.
  • Killing 50 Class-Ds as Scientist grants the They Are Just Resources... achievement.
  • Escaping under the effects of SCP-207 grants the High on the Wings of Caffeine achievement.
  • As a Class-D, killing a Scientist holding a card grants the NANI?! achievement.
  • Picking up a gun as a Class-D grants the ... You Thinking What I'm Thinking? achievement.
  • Escaping as a Class-D with at least 2 SCP Items in your inventory grants the Property of the Chaos Insurgency achievement.



  • Killing a Class-D does not give the MTF any respawn tickets.
  • The canonical name for the current D-Class model is D-55240, “Jan Kalous”.
  • Class D models originally had the words 'Class D' imprinted on the back of their shirt.
  • According to former Game Designer, Wavepoole, Site-02 doesn't hire actual janitorial staff, and uses Class-D instead.
  • Class-Ds are considered the most difficult class to play, especially since they are hostile to almost every other class, and have no items upon spawn.
  • There were going to be 4 other Class-D models that players could select from the Customization menu at one point. 3 of those models were female and 1 was male.
    • These variants would even have gotten their own stats, advantages and disadvantages.
      • These models were left unused, as the customization system was scrapped.