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Appearance F1 Menu Art


Melee Attack (Active)

Perform a swipe attack with left click that instantly kills targets.

Scopophobia (Passive)

Enter enrage mode when looked or shot at. Rage time scales based on targets.

Try Not To Cry (Active)

Lean up against a door to become very quiet by pressing right click.

Charge (Active)

Perform a charge attack with right click forcing open any gates you run into.

CATSTATUS.png Health: 2000
CATSHIELD.png Hume Shield: 800
Rage Time: 15-30 secs
CATSPRINT.png Speed:
Wind-Up/Down: 2.3 

3 hubes

Docile: 3.8 

5 hubes

Enrage: 9 

12 hubes

Charge: 18.8 

25 hubes

Other Information
Spawn Location: Heavy Containment Zone
Weakness: Micro HID
Can only see targets while enraged.
Voiced By Bronson "Bronsolo" Bragg'
Class ID: 9
Class Color: #EC2222
Article Link: Page

SCP-096 is one of the seven playable SCP classes within SCP: Secret Laboratory.
SCP-096 is a tall, pale, humanoid entity that will attempt to kill anyone who happens to see its face.

In Game[edit]

SCP-096 spawns in Heavy Containment Zone in its docile state. SCP-096 has a very audible cry that can warn players of its position.
SCP-096 acts as an offensive SCP class, meant to disperse groups of people. SCP-096 is capable of taking out smaller groups of people with ease, but can struggle with larger groups.


SCP-096 begins the game with 2000 HP and 800 Hume Shield. After 25 seconds have passed without the player taking damage, the Hume Shield will slowly regenerate by 40 HS/s.
SCP-096 will enter its enraged state when its face is looked at or when shot at. SCP-096 will 'wind-up' before entering its enraged state. While charging up, SCP-096 can move at 2.3 m/s.

When triggered, SCP-096 will enter a phase that is often referred to as rage delay. This phase affects how long it takes for SCP-096 to actually enter the "wind-up" animation. Rage delay time depends on the distance from SCP-096 and the distance of its face to the center of the screen. The time can range from zero seconds to up to 24 seconds. After rage delay ends, the wind-up animation will begin, which always last six seconds. After those six seconds have passed. SCP-096 will then enter its enrage state where they can begin killing players. Shooting SCP-096 during rage delay will NOT force SCP-096 into the wind-up animation, giving players time to safely deal damage to SCP-096. Since Rage delay can last up to 24 seconds and wind-up is always six seconds, this means SCP-096 can be left in a completely vulnerable state for 30 seconds before it can enter enrage.

Anyone who looks at SCP-096's face or shoots it will become a target. Players who are targets will be given an audio cue to indicate this (SCP-096 will also hear this audio cue when they receive their first target). SCP-096 will stay in enraged mode for a base 15 seconds, plus an extra 3 seconds for each additional target, going up to a maximum time of 30 seconds. Targets are made visible by markers that are only visible to SCP-096 (even targets wearing SCP-268 will be visible). SCP-096 only gains additional rage time during the calm and wind-up states; it will not gain more time while in enrage mode.

While enraged, SCP-096 can do the following:

  • Perform an area-of-effect attack with Left Click.png Left Click that will instantly kill any target hit by it. Non-targets take zero damage.
  • Jump very high.
  • Perform a charge attack with Right Click.png Right Click that last 0.8s and causes SCP-096 to run at 18.8 m/s.
    • Will instantly kill targets that 096 runs into.
      • Only deals 40 damage to non-targets.
    • This attack can be used to cause SCP-096 to leap over large gaps.
    • If SCP-096 charges at a closed gate, it will force the gate open and go through it. The gate then quickly closes behind it.
      • Any non-SCPs that try to slide through a gate that SCP-096 is opening will be instantly killed.
    • The charge attack has a cooldown after being used. Charging through a gate will force the cooldown to end.
    • Any normal doors SCP-096 runs into will break.
  • Left Click.png Left Click on doors to destroy them while enraged.

After its enraged state ends, SCP-096 will enter a 6 second cooldown phase before it can become enraged again. While exiting its enraged state, it moves at 2.3 m/s before going back to its normal docile speed of 3.8 m/s.

When SCP-096 loses all its HP, it will fall to the ground and curl up, covering its face. It will appear to be sobbing quietly.


While SCP-096 is a powerful SCP that is capable of taking down unprepared groups of players, it is not unstoppable. SCP-096 is extremely vulnerable to large groups of players who apply pressure during the wind-up or cooldown states. Attacking SCP-096 while they are in wind-up state is a very effective way to deplete their Hume Shield and deal damage to their HP. This is best done in large groups to quickly deal damage. Weapons like the Logicer and Crossvec are extremely effective at quickly depleting Hume Shield and HP due to their high fire rate. SCP-096 can also be easily terminated by using the Micro H.I.D. after forcing a room blackout with SCP-2176.
Running away at the start of SCP-096's wind up will often lead to them wiping out their targets with ease. So it is best to apply pressure to SCP-096 during this time. While other SCPs may get in the way, they can be dealt with by the usage of items. Items like SCP-2176 or Flashbang Grenades can be extremely effective at stopping SCPs from defending SCP-096 during wind-up.

Related Achievements[edit]

  • As SCP-096, dying to any weapon while entering rage will grant the Involuntary Rage-Quit achievement.


The following are sounds that SCP-096 will make.

SCP-096 while in its docile state

SCP-096 while using Try Not to Cry

SCP-096 while entering rage

SCP-096 while enraged

SCP-096 when exiting rage

SCP-096 when it's recontained

SCP-096's sound effect when killing

Players (and SCP-096 when they receive their first target) hear this sound when they become a target



SCP-096 Changelog History
February 17th 2018 SCP-096 is announced on Steam in the 1.1.0 changelog.
3.0.0 Old096F1.png SCP-096 added.
3.1.0 Containment Chamber redesigned to fit SCP-096's article on the SCP wiki.
April 1st 2018 Renamed SCP-096 to SAD BOI and heavily distorted its animations for the 2018 April Fools update.
5.0.0 Enrage time raised to 14.5 seconds Was 12.5 seconds..
Ragdoll added.
October 31st 2018 Put a pumpkin over SCP-096's head for the 2018 Halloween update.
7.3.0 Unspecified changes.
April 1st 2019 Renamed SCP-096 to SCP-096-Binge and made its model severely obese for the 2019 April Fools update.
April 28th 2019 SCP-096's remodel is first teased on Twitch in a Megapatch 2 Q&A showing only the head and torso.
9.0.0 Two sounds added to kills done by SCP-096.
Time to trigger decreased by 30%.
9.0.3 Attack hitmarkers are made server-side.
9.1.0 Jump height increased by 50% when enraged.
Time to trigger now dynamically changes based on player count.
March 9th 2020 Scopophobia is announced. The update adds Stamina, Respawn Tickets, new Status Effects, and a rework of SCP-096.
10.0.0 Public Beta I 096 IconCAT.png SCP-096 reworked.
  • New model and sounds.
  • HP lowered to 500.
  • 250 HS applied. Increases by 250 HS every time a player looks at its face.
  • Two new abilities: Try Not To Cry and Charge.
  • Can no longer see people who haven't seen its face during Enrage and Targets are highlighted during Enrage.
  • Enrage to Docile transition is no longer instant.
  • Animated ragdoll added.
Public Beta XII Range of TNTC cries decreased.
HS increased to 500 HS Was 250 HS.. HS scaling per target decreased to 250.
Public Beta XIX SCP-096 can be harmed while using TNTC.
Release Candidate I People who touch SCP-096 will be counted as seeing its face.
People who touch SCP-096 while it's charging through a gate will instantly die on contact.
Release 10.0.0 People who touch SCP-096 will no longer be counted as seeing its face.
10.0.1 Size of animated ragdoll decreased.
10.0.2 SCP-096 can now pry open the big gate on Surface Zone.
October 23rd 2020 Wendigoenrage.pngRenamed SCP-096 to The Wendigo along with having light emit from its mouth and eyes for the 2020 Halloween update.
10.1.0 SCP-096's max rage time is now capped to 30 seconds.
HP increased to 1500 Was 500..
Hume Shield reduced to 350 Was 500.
HS Regeneration reduced to 5 HS per second Was 10 HS per second..
HS per target reduced to 70 Was 200 HS per target..
Can no longer see people who haven't seen its face during docile to enrage transition.
Cooldown timer for Charge and Enrage timer added.
Players that see its face will get an audio cue played to them.
Animated ragdoll now takes into account gravity and can display player name and cause of death.
10.1.2 Hit registration lasts longer server-side.
Attack hitbox now changes depending on which hand of SCP-096 is used.
Vision code reworked to be more accurate.
December 22nd 2020 2020Xmas096.png2020Xmas096Bugged.png Tinted SCP-096's textures blue and applied an emission texture to its eyes for the 2020 Christmas update (Texture wasn't properly applied, leading to the entire model glowing instead).
10.2.2 Can now instantly destroy doors with charge again.
11.0.0 Patreon Beta XI HP increased to 2000 Was 1500..
HS increased to 1000 Was 350..
HS no longer scales per target and will always max out at 1000 HS.
HS regeneration increased to 40 HS per second Was originally 5 HS per second..
Enrage time now only increases from targets gained during Docile and Docile to Enrage transitions.
Charge cooldown decrease to 5 seconds.
Charge cooldown decrease by 3.5 seconds if SCP-096 kills someone with it.
SCP-096 can no longer instant-kill people who haven't seen its face (Will only deal 40 damage via charge).
Targets are highlighted in the Docile to Enrage transition first instead of when Enrage starts.
Hume Shield particles now stop appearing when SCP-096 performs TNTC.
SCP-096 now is notified when someone sees its face with the same audio cue used by humans who see its face.
October 24th 2021 096Halloween21.png Applied an emission texture on SCP-096 to make its mouth and eyes glow for the 2021 Halloween update.
11.1.0 Ragdolls from kills done by SCP-096's charge will have force applied to them.


  • SCP-096 has 2 unused animations.
    • One is an animation of SCP-096 getting back up from their death animation.
    • The other animation is known as "Grapple". The animation is SCP-096 slamming their first onto the ground. Intended to be used when SCP-096 attacked a target during enrage, but was scrapped due to implementation issues.
  • A charging SCP-096 is the fastest thing in-game.
    • SCP-096 is also one of the slowest SCPs in-game due to his entering/exiting rage speed only being 2.3 m/s.
  • According to Wavepoole, SCP-096's cry ability was named after the "Lie down, try not to cry, cry a lot" meme.
  • SCP-096 was the 2nd SCP to be reworked, be given new abilities as well as introducing the Hume Shield mechanic.
    • Despite popular belief, reworked SCP-096's enraged speed is slower than old SCP-096. Old SCP-096 had an enraged speed of 9.27 m/s while reworked has an enraged speed of 9 m/s. Though, docile speed was increased from 3.5 m/s to 3.8 m/s in the rework.