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3-X Particle Disruptor
Basic Information
Type Experimental Fusion Rifle
Weight 4.5 kg
Manufacturer Foundation Gunworks (Incorrectly Listed)
Weapon Stats
Cartridge Type SCP Fusion Ammo (SFA)
Ammo Capacity 5
Fire Rate 9
Blast Damage 250
Pick-Up Time Higher weight increases time 1.03s Unrounded value: 1.0325s
Speed Penalty -2%
Stamina Penalty -3%
Other Information
Notes Malfunctions after 5 shots
Skips Armor, AHP, HS
Spawn Locations None
Obtainable from 914? True
Inspired by The Fusion Rifle from pre-v6.0.0
Spawn ID 47

The developers are working on improving the model of the 3-X Particle Disruptor and how to make it fit into natural gameplay such as spawning. Because of this, 3-X Particle Disruptor can only be acquired via Remote Admin and SCP-914.

The 3-X Particle Disruptor is a Fusion Weapon in SCP: Secret Laboratory. It is a powerful and rare weapon, effective towards both human and SCP targets.

Operational Guide[edit]

(13:59:32) Connection to Server-HCZ-HID was denied with the following message:
Document REDACTED Decrpyting hidden message from File:Documents/OPGuide/HID: Please insert override password. Awaiting declassification.
You can find this ingame by using the error message as a hint, but if you give up, click this.

Password: ********

█ ███████ ██████████ ██████, █████ █████████ ██ SCP-████. ███████-███████████ ██ ███ ██████ ██ ████████.}
“Y’know Doc, I really don’t think we ought to be tinkering with this thing. You’ve seen the recordings and I’ve seen it firsthand. We know what this thing is capable of. Sure, theoretically it’d be great if we could produce enough to arm all of our guys with ‘em. We could take care of any target with a single, well-placed shot. It’d save ammo costs. It’d save lives. But Doc, you gotta listen to me here. I don’t think we’re gettin’ the full picture. The way ██████ died on the recordings. It looked like he had just… vanished. One frame he was there and the next he wasn’t. I was there with him, and I’m tellin’ you, that wasn’t what happened. Just bear with me Doc, I’m really struggling to put this into words. I saw him… fizzle away. Like his body fell apart into the tiniest of pieces, and there was nothing left. No clothes, no hair, no keepsake. I…I think he was too far away from the camera for it to pick anything up. But as he vanished, Doc, he… …. I just don’t know what to do. Could we appeal to the Ethics Committee somehow? I just don’t want us to make these things. Don’t want anyone like █████ being shot. Don’t want anyone like me being the shooter.”
-[Name and Position Redacted, Excerpt from on-site therapy session.]

In Game[edit]

The 3-X Particle Disruptor is a powerful weapon, capable of shooting only five times before malfunctioning, becoming unusable. The weapon does not shoot immediately, instead, it has a short wind-up animation as it charges up. The firearm will then emit a warning beep before shooting. Afterwards, the player will automatically reload, which takes nine seconds.
Aiming through the sights shows a glitched screen displaying a zoomed in view. It has no available attachments.

Instead of bullets, the 3-X Particle Disruptor uses what is referred to as SCP Fusion Ammo (SFA). This is a clear liquid that, when mix with the blue catalyst, creates a chain reaction inside the firearm. After a short delay (2.2667s), the weapon fires a beam that deals 250 damage on direct hit. The beam entirely bypasses Armor, Artificial HP, and Hume Shield. The weapon has an area of effect blast that allows it to still damage targets if a direct hit is missed.
The beam is capable of destroying doors as well as setting off Grenades and SCP-018 at long range. The weapon also penetrates through glass a couple times, before shattering it.
Terminated targets disintegrate floating upwards instead of falling. The 3-X Particle Disruptor is hitscan in practice, the trail like effect it creates does not need to line up with its targets.

The weapon's power makes it effective to kill a small group of people, but the long reloading time leaves the player open. Due to the fact that the 3-X PD bypasses a SCP's Hume Shield, it can be used in dealing permanent damage to a SCP, or possibly kill one on low health. The 3-X Particle Disruptor is also capable of destroying instances of SCP-244 and Tantrum puddles left behind by SCP-173.

The chain reaction created by the SFA and blue catalyst will eventually become too much for the firearm to handle. After five uses, the weapon will malfunction and the player will drop the weapon on the ground, where it then despawns immediately. SFA is not an obtainable item ingame, unlike other ammo types.
The SFA is located inside the weapon's magazine, while the catalyst is located inside the blue battery on the right side of the firearm.

Currently, the 3-X Particle Disruptor can only be acquired via Remote Admin or by putting the Micro H.I.D. on Coarse, though the latter is a small chance.

As stated on an AMA, the weapon will eventually be obtainable elsewhere. The art team plans on remodeling the weapon to look less finished and more prototype looking, akin to the Micro H.I.D. The AMA comment can be seen by clicking here.




  • The former name of the 3-X Particle Disruptor was the 3-X Molecular Disruptor.
  • The reticle on the sight screen, a circle with 3 radial lines, is similar to the SCP logo.
  • Its design was inspired by the energy-based firearms used in very old versions of SCP: Secret Laboratory.
  • Despite leaving no bodies behind, the death message for the 3-X Particle Disruptor is "molecularly disrupted".
  • The inspect noises for the 3-X Particle Disruptor is from The Final Flash of Existence, the main theme of the game.
  • The 3-X Particle Disruptor was added in the Xmas 2021 Event and could solely be found from SCP-2536.
    • The concept of finding a new weapon in SCP-2536 is from its original file, where Class-D personnel found SCP-2536 during a breach and were gifted "anomalous weaponry."
  • The 3-X Particle Disruptor's cartridge type, SCP Fusion Ammo, was originally a pickupable ammo type in older versions of the game used by the SBX7 Pistol and Epsilon-11 Standard Rifle.
  • The Foundation Gunworks logo appearing on the model is an oversight, as the weapon was created by SCP-2536 and not the Foundation.