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This article is about the SCP-2536 Xmas 2021 Version. For pages with similar naming, see the SCP-2536 (Disambiguation) page.
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ATTENTION! This article's topic contains information about the X-Mas 2021 Event. SCP-2536 was removed from the game after the event ended.
This page only exist for trivia purposes now.

Example render; only 3 presents spawn at once
Basic Information
Type SCP Object
Usage Provides useful items
Spawn Appears randomly
Total Spawns 1
Applied Effects Varies
Other Information
Article Link SCP Article
Voice Actor Red

SCP-2536 was an Event SCP introduced in the Christmas 2020/2021 update. It is an anomalous, teleporting Christmas tree that will try to give players an item they may need. This page will focus on its mechanics for the Xmas 2021 Event.


SCP-2536 will start spawning 60 seconds after the start of the round. When SCP-2536 is ready to spawn in, it will randomly pick which team it wants to spawn near: Class-D, Scientist, Facility Guard or MTF, with a 25% for each of them. After choosing a team. SCP-2536 will then spawn near a random player on that team. Music will begin playing to alert the player of SCP-2536 and three presents will also spawn with it. These presents can be opened by anyone and the loot in them is chosen when a player opens the present. The game uses a ticket system to determine what item a player will get. This works by the game seeing what situation a player is in, such as health or what items they have. The game then generates a type of ticket based on those situations. Once all of them are generated, the game checks what type of ticket was generated the most, then gives the player the loot that corresponds to that ticket. After awhile, SCP-2536 will disappear for a short time before starting the process over again.
SCP-2536 will not choose the same target more than once in a given round.

Loot Information

SCP-2536 uses a ticket system to determine what it shall give to a player when a present is open. When the player opens a present, the item that got the most tickets will be the item chosen. The player can never get duplicate items calls in one go. So if a player opened a present and got Keycard Upgrade, the next present they open will not give them Keycard Upgrade and instead will give them what ever item has the 2nd highest ticket count. The ticket system is per player and not global, so other players can still get the Keycard Upgrade if someone else already got it from one of the other two presents. Once SCP-2536 leaves, everything resets, allowing a player to get the same item once again if they can find SCP-2536. The items in presents are chosen when the player opens the presents and NOT when SCP-2536 spawns. Chaos Insurgents were always given Coal when they opened a present. There are 12 different types of tickets.

  1. ● Keycard Upgrade; a random keycard in the player's inventory is upgraded
  2. ● COM-15; 5% Chance for 3-X Molecular Disruptor instead.
  3. ● Gun Upgrade; + 3 Mags of appropriate ammo, 5% Chance for 3-X Molecular Disruptor.
  4. ● x100 7.62 Ammo
  5. ● First Aid Kit
  6. ● High-Explosive Grenade
  7. ● Micro H.I.D. Recharge
  8. ● Sergeant Keycard
  9. ● Flashbang Grenade
  10. ● Adrenaline
  11. ● SCP-207
  12. ● Coal

Below is a table showing the situations a player is in, and how many tickets it will give, organized so that the uppermost fulfilled condition in the table will lead to the outcome observed by the player.

Condition Tickets Granted
The player is a Chaos Insurgent. ● (x20) Coal
The warhead is currently counting down. ● (x11) SCP-207
The player is below 35% stamina. ● (x10) Adrenaline
There is an SCP within 37.5 meters 

50 hubes

● (x9) Flashbang Grenade
The player is locked inside a room and does not have a keycard capable of opening the door. ● (x8) Sergeant Keycard
The player has a keycard in their inventory that is NOT O5, Facility Manager, Captain, or CI Device. ● (x7) Keycard Upgrade
The player has a Micro H.I.D. in their inventory that is not fully charged. ● (x6) Micro H.I.D. Recharge
The player is below 75 Health. ● (x5) First Aid Kit
The player has no weapon in their inventory. ● (x4) COM-15
The player has a weapon in their inventory that is NOT a Logicer. ● (x4) Gun Upgrade
The player has a Logicer in their inventory. ● (x3) x100 7.62 Ammo
The player is a Guard/MTF without a grenade in their inventory. ● (x2) High-Explosive Grenade
Given regardless of conditions as a failsafe. ● (x1) Coal



  • SCP-2536 was the first non-series 1 SCP to be added to SCP: Secret Laboratory.
  • In the 2021 Christmas event, it was originally planned that SCPs could open presents from SCP-2536. These gifts were mostly useless, and only for comedic effect.
    • This was later scrapped before the update released.
  • The Cursed Song is a remix of "All I want for Christmas is You."
  • There is a hidden poem on one of SCP-2536's ornaments:

God rest ye merry gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay
Remember Christ our Savior
Was born on Christmas Day
To save us all from Satan's pow'r
When we were gone astray
Oh tidings of comfort and joy
Comfort and joy
Oh tidings of comfort and joy

    • Below the poem is the following: santa deniers seething rn.