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Release Date 1 Sep 2023
Version chronology
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v13.1.1 v13.2.1
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Version 13.2 of SCP: Secret Laboratory has just been released! This update includes a new weapon, modifications to SCP-939, improvements to Mobile Task Force classes, bug fixes, custom hotkeys, and other game improvements.

SCP-939 Changes

Claw Changes

  • Adjusted how Claw’s area of effect (AoE) is calculated.
  • The target closest to the crosshair will always receive 100% of Claw’s damage.
  • Further targets within the AoE will take 100% of Claw’s damage, split across the number of targets.
For example, if five players are within Claw’s area of effect, the closest target will receive 100% of the damage, whilst the other four targets will each receive 25% damage.
  • SCP-939 is now able to damage players under the effects of SCP-268.
Note: Lunge does not affect invisible players at this time. We are aware of this issue and will be correcting this error soon.

Developer Commentary: Following SCP-939’s rework in 12.0, we noticed a trend of SCP-939 killing large groups in undesirable locations, such as the Surface Zone (SZ) to Facility elevators. Combined with an Amnestic Cloud, this made for an unfair gameplay advantage. We noticed the problem was with SCP-939’s AoE having no limitations. We still want SCP-939 to remain threatening against tight groups, so whilst damage stays unchanged, we’ve placed a soft cap on potential damage it can deal against larger groups.
-Floating Changelog Voice

Focus Changes

  • SCP-939 now emits a growling noise after it uses Focus. Initially silent, the growling will become more apparent over the following ten seconds after it uses Focus. Growling buildup will regress after five seconds of leaving Focus.
  • SCP-939 can now hear its own growls.

Developer Commentary: Whilst SCP-939 can be heard in dead quiet situations, we noticed that in louder gunfights, or general Facility chaos, it is more difficult to figure out if it's behind a door or not. To further incentivise a ‘cat and mouse’ game, a louder ‘second stage’ to SCP-939’s audio cues have been added. This stage is slightly louder and more noticeable over time. We hope the new audio cue creates more tense situations whilst rewarding patience. 

Here are some tips for SCP-939 players who may be confused by this adjustment: It's best to reposition frequently and utilise the Facility's background noise in addition to the Mimicry skill to remain hidden. This will help in potential growl buildup and gaining an advantage on players actively listening for you.
-Floating Changelog Voice

Ultrasensitive Changes

  • Players revealed by SCP-939 in close proximity no longer produce sound blips.
  • Humans that are jumping, sprinting, or firing a weapon within four metres of SCP-939 will now be revealed. Being revealed persists for a slight time after the action(s) ceases. This effect ignores SCP-939’s reduced visual radius from running low on stamina.
  • Humans within the SZ who fail to produce a sound blip naturally within 20 seconds will now begin to emit a sound blip every ten seconds. This effect will last until a sound blip is produced naturally.
  • Once the Alpha Warhead is detonated, all humans will be permanently revealed to SCP-939.
  • SCP-939 will no longer see sound blips from a user underneath the effects of SCP-268.

Developer Commentary: In an effort to reduce visual pollution during SCP-939 gameplay, we’ve decided on a change with how SCP-939 perceives sound blips. Humans who are directly visible to SCP-939 no longer emit any sound blips to reduce confusion and create a better visual experience.

Some of you might remember how SCP-939 behaved on the SZ before its rework. Previously, when SCP-939 was on the SZ, all human players present were visible no matter the distance to prevent prolonged games. When the rework was applied, we initially thought that Ultrasensitive’s mechanics were enough to replicate that old feature, however it became clear to us that it needs to be expanded upon.
-Floating Changelog Voice

Amnesia Changes

  • Amnesia, the effect caused by Amnestic Cloud, will no longer prevent humans from reloading or healing.
  • SCP-939 will now be made briefly visible to everyone underneath the effects of Amnesia when attacking, regardless of whether an attack is successful or not.
  • A player with the invigorated status effect is now immune to Amnesia, as originally intended.

Developer Commentary: A number of players expressed frustration regarding a few aspects of SCP-939’s Amnestic Cloud. Allowing SCP-939 to miss attacks unpunished is not something we wanted to promote. Additionally, restricting weapon reload and use of medical items proved very irritating to fight against.
-Floating Changelog Voice

Miscellaneous SCP-939 Changes

  • Reduced SCP-939’s sprinting speed to 6.7m/s (from 7.2m/s).
  • Increased SCP-939’s base speed from 4.3 to 4.6.
  • Increased SCP-939’s stamina to a total of 15s (from ten seconds).
  • Players hit by SCP-939 are now ‘marked’ for five seconds. Marked players will still grant their voice lines to SCP-939, even if they are killed by another SCP.
  • Added an on-screen popup whenever SCP-939 successfully steals a voice.

Developer Commentary: From our observations on the reception to SCP-939, we noticed that a lot of players were being killed in unavoidable situations due to SCP-939’s incredible burst of speed, so we’ve reduced its maximum sprint speed. Whilst still faster than an average human, it is now much harder for SCP-939 to kill you without having a chance to react.
-Floating Changelog Voice

Gameplay Changes and Improvements

  • Added the FR-MG-0, a new LMG which replaces the MTF Captain’s rifle.
  • Added a new custom hotkeys system, allowing users the option to customise their own hotkeys and item drawing criteria.
  • Renamed the MTF Sergeant Keycard to MTF Operative Keycard.
  • Removed the MTF Private and Containment Engineer Keycards from standard play.
  • MTF Privates now spawn with an MTF Operative Keycard instead of an MTF Private Keycard.
  • Putting an O5 Keycard in SCP-914 on Coarse will result in a 50/50 split between receiving a Facility Manager Keycard, or an MTF Captain Keycard.
  • Putting an O5 Keycard, an MTF Captain Keycard, or a Chaos Insurgency Access Device in SCP-914 on Rough will result in a Guard Keycard.
  • Putting a Guard Keycard in SCP-914 on Fine will result in receiving an MTF Operative Keycard.
  • All other instances of receiving a Containment Engineer Keycard from SCP-914 have been replaced by a Facility Manager Keycard.
  • The Chaos Insurgency now count as partial targets for SCPs. Roughly 75% of a Chaos Insurgency wave must die before a round can end.
  • Upon Alpha Warhead detonation, the next respawn wave will be forced to a four minute countdown, regardless of the respawn timer prior to detonation.
  • Added the A7.
  • The Concussed status effect will now decay when standing still.
  • Added visible light flashes to all first-person and third-person weapon animations.
  • SCP-106’s containment doors can now be broken by a grenade.
  • Removed SCP-079 generator spawns from the Alpha Warhead room. A generator may now spawn in the hallway alongside the elevator.

Developer Commentary: On the Captain LMG, we felt that MTF operatives were lacking in weapon variety compared to the Chaos Insurgency. Seeing as both the Captain and Sergeants spawned with the same weapon, we thought it would be fitting to give the MTF Captain something unique. The FR-MG-0 is a 5.56 LMG that appears on MTF Captains, whilst also appearing in SCP-079’s armoury.

We’ve received endless reports of an enormous number of MTF operatives being trapped behind the Facility gates. To rescue these operatives from their fates, we’ve decided to give both Privates and Sergeants the same level of Keycard access under the clearance of a single MTF Operative Keycard.

One of the games largest issues over previous updates include the Chaos Insurgency. Countless reports, and suggestions triggered a campaign to be launched to get us to address these issues. Originally, we had bigger plans to incorporate Chaos Insurgency targets into a larger update to change team progress and survivability during a match. We’ve realised that this problem had to be corrected immediately, so, whilst we continue to refine that aspect of the game, we have decided to add a simple change that overhauls how rounds will flow. 

Custom hotkeys are a new system that allows players to customise key bindings. As the second part of our settings rework, we hope that you’ll enjoy the creative freedom to tailor your hotkeys to your heart's content. We encourage you to experiment with the new system and see what you can come up with. Of course, for those not interested in this system, the defaults will remain untouched.
-Floating Changelog Voice

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Reduced the MTF-E11-SR FMJ Drum Magazine attachment ammo capacity to 60 (from 65).
  • Placing an MTF-E11-SR in SCP-914 on Fine will result in receiving a FR-MG-0 instead of an AK.
  • Placing a Logicer in SCP-914 on Coarse will result in receiving a FR-MG-0 instead of an AK.
  • Slightly reduced how far players can reach the Alpha Warhead panel. The distance is now similar to reaching for a door.
  • Added a setting to disable dropping items from your inventory with right click.
  • Added a setting to switch between toggle and hold-to-open inventory. Defaults to toggle.
  • Updated the glass materials found in SCP-939 and SCP-173’s containment chambers.
  • Slightly changed the rotation of the Surface Zone skybox.
  • All achievements related to escaping the Facility will now be awarded if a user is disarmed.
  • The sides of elevators now have a small box collider, preventing players from ending up on top of the railings when teleporting.
  • Adjusted lighting mesh renders in the Surface Zone admin tower.
  • Patched a few holes in the SCP-049/SCP-173 subsector.
  • Added Thai translations.
  • Added Vietnamese translations.
  • Added Romanian translations.
  • Added Lithuanian translations.
  • Added Portuguese (Brazil) translations.
  • Added Catalan translations.
  • Reworked the backend of all translations. If you use a custom translation, back it up before updating.

Bug Fixes

  • Respawn tokens are now properly ‘consumed’ when a respawn wave occurs, granting one per player respawned to the opposing faction.
  • Nicknames no longer parse escape characters across several UI elements.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally reverted the game resolution setting after restarting.
  • Adjusted how SCP-106’s minimap views the Light Containment Zone armoury.
  • Fixed Ambient Occlusion not properly applying the right level consistently.
  • Command bindings created with the cmdbind console command no longer trigger when the console is actively open.
  • Fixed the Micro-H.I.D. shooting animation not being cancelled upon escaping.
  • The Jailbird’s name and description are now translatable.
  • SCP-049 and SCP-049-2 can now interact with frozen corpses.
  • Fixed SCP-049 not being able to use Good Sense of the Doctor in blacked out rooms.
  • Fixed SCP-049-2’s Lobotomized Bloodlust not activating in blacked out rooms.
  • Fixed SCP-079 being able to see its own camera model when on the Surface Zone.
  • Fixed the gate in PT00 automatically opening if SCP-173 spawned in a round.
  • Fixed a floating camera in SCP-173/SCP-049’s subsector.
  • Fixed SCP-049-2 being able to attack whilst consuming a corpse.
  • Fixed an issue in which Tesla Gates did not properly emit light whilst zapping.
  • Fixed crashes caused by a corrupted credits tab in the main menu.
  • Fixed multiple columns having an improper scale.
  • Fixed players occasionally being able to see their own models in first person.
  • Fixed night-vision scopes not properly being able to see in darkness.
  • Fixed SCP-106 door buttons not properly updating keypad colour when destroyed.
Developer Commentary: We’d like to thank members of the community for the constant stream of bug reports over the past few months. Without the help of our Community QA, we would be struggling to diagnose and fix many issues at hand. 

If you are not aware, we have a public Trello detailing all of our identified and reported bugs within SCP:SL. This list is constantly maintained and a good place to check and see if a bug is posted to be fixed in a future update. Additionally, if you find a bug not reported on the Trello, you can report it on our website here.
-Floating Changelog Voice

Remote Admin and Technical Changes

  • Added a new Elevator Management section underneath the Map Control category.
  • Added ‘elevator teleport’ command.
  • The Remote Admin playerlist can now be sorted by classes.
  • The ‘stripdown’ command now requires the Permissions Management (PRM) node.
  • The ‘setnick’ command now displays a response if there are no players who match the request.
  • The ‘intercomtext’ (and alias ‘icomtxt’) commands now resets the text if there are no arguments supplied.
  • Added visible Godmode and Bypass Mode indicators when spectating players in Overwatch.
  • Added a new voice chat selector for users within Overwatch. This is toggled by using the ‘Inventory’ key (default: Tab) and replaces the Attachments Edit menu.
  • A server will no longer enter idle mode when the ‘exit’ or ‘restart’ commands are ran while players are connected to said server.
  • Fixed players crashing when requesting information for a player that is muted.
  • Fixed sphere primitives not having collisions on spawn.
  • Fixed LightSourceToy’s ‘LightShadow’ property not doing anything. Shadows will now appear on objects if the option is enabled.
  • Replaced the old ‘ItemType’ IDs with more up-to-date names.
  • ‘ItemType.KeycardNTFOfficer’ is now ‘ItemType.KeycardMTFPrivate’.
  • ‘ItemType.KeycardNTFLieutenant’ is now ‘ItemType.KeycardMTFOperative’.
  • ‘ItemType.KeycardNTFCommander’ is now ‘ItemType.KeycardMTFCaptain’.
  • Anti-SCP-207 can now be spawned via the Remote Admin panel.
  • Updated BouncyCastle, DnsClient,, System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe.
  • Updated NorthwoodLib.
  • Cleaned up dependency directories.
  • Removed System.Numerics.Vectors, as it is no longer needed.
  • ‘custom_gamemode_server’ and ‘heavily_modded_server’ properties have been removed from server configurations and templates.
  • Cleaned up code responsible for handling stats such as stamina, HP, AHP, and Hume Shield. It now automatically generates synchronisation identifiers. SCP-106’s Vigor has been moved onto this new system.
  • A server will no longer try to drop items from deceased players when they disconnect.

Developer Commentary — A note on the MTF Private and Containment Engineer Keycards: Whilst being entirely removed from standard play, we have opted to leave them within the game. We understand that these Keycards are prime opportunities for developers to create modified access levels for plugins or server modifications. We hope that this decision aids the modding community and offers new opportunities to be utilised.
-Floating Changelog Voice

Thank you all for your continued support throughout these recent updates. This version brings some very large changes with it, with many not coming to fruition without your feedback. Keep your eyes peeled for a feedback form in the coming weeks.

Have fun, and see you in the dark.
~ Northwood Studios

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