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Basic Information
Description Uses Battery while on.
Longer range means higher battery use.
Type Equipment (Tool)
Usage Allows long range communication
Weight Affects item pick-up time & window breaking 1.7kg
Pick-Up Time 0.54s Unrounded value: 0.5425s
Other Information
Spawn Standard Locker
Weapon Locker Type 21
LCZ Armory
HCZ Ammunition Armory
Foundation Military Classes
Obtainable from 914? True
Manufacturer Hykia
Spawn ID 12

Radios are a type of Item found in SCP: Secret Laboratory.

In Game[edit]

Radios allow for long range communication between other players who have Radios, regardless of what team they may be on.

Radios start with 100% charge, which will slowly deplete if the Radio remains active. Higher ranges will drain power faster.

Holding down V will allow the player to use the Radio. The Radio does not need to be equipped in order to use it.

One can change the channels by equipping the Radio and pressing Left Click.png Left Click. There are currently 4 ranges: Short Range, Medium Range, Long Range and Ultra Range (SR, MR, LR, UR).

The Radio can be turned on or off by pressing Right Click.png Right Click.
While the Radio is turned off, battery will not be consumed.



One hallway is about 15.45 meters. If two players are using different ranges on the Radio, the range the players can communicate with each other is the average of both ranges. So "(Range1 + Range2) / 2". For example, the default range, Medium, is 187.5m while Long range is 1125 meters. So, (187.5 + 1125) / 2 equals 656.3. So a Radio on Medium Range can communicate with a Radio on Long Range if it is within 656.3 meters and vice versa. Below is a chart showing the distances for each range combination.
High enough ranges can be used to communicate with players on other levels of the Facility.
Keep in mind, Light Containment Zone is above Heavy Containment Zone, so a Radio on Surface will have an easier time reaching a Radio in Light Containment Zone than a Radio in Heavy Containment Zone. Warhead Silo and SCP-049's Room are also located above Heavy Containment Zone, but are closer to Heavy Containment Zone than they are to Light Containment Zone.

Short Range Medium Range Long Range Ultra Range
Short Range 112.5 

150 hubes

150 m 

200 hubes

618.8 m 

825 hubes

3806.3 m 

5075 hubes

Medium Range 150 m 

200 hubes


250 hubes

656.3 m 

875 hubes

3843.8 m 

5125 hubes

Long Range 618.8 m 

825 hubes

656.3 m 

875 hubes


1500 hubes

4312.5 m 

5750 hubes

Ultra Range 3806.3 m 

5075 hubes

3843.8 m 

5125 hubes

4312.5 m 

5750 hubes


10000 hubes


Short Range Medium Range Long Range Ultra Range
Short Range 7.3 hallways 9.7 hallways 40 hallways 246.4 hallways
Medium Range 9.7 hallways 12.1 hallways 42.5 hallways 248.8 hallways
Long Range 40 hallways 42.5 hallways 72.8 hallways 279.1 hallways
Ultra Range 246.4 hallways 248.8 hallways 279.1 hallways 485.4 hallways

Power Usage[edit]

The Radio has a limited and short battery life that it uses up over time before dying. The power usages depends on range and if the radio is idle or currently being used to broadcast. Receiving a message does not deplete the battery faster. Depleted Radios can be recharged in SCP-914 on the 1:1 and Fine settings.

According to the back of the model, the battery the Radios use are: LI-Ion Battery Model Bat-420/J. The back also tells the user to not recharge the Radio in SCP-914, despite this being the only way to do so ingame. Despite not being ingame, Radios do have an official branded charger.

Range Idle Talking Total Idle Time Total Talk Time
Short 0.01% per second 0.7% per second 166.67 minutes 2.38 minutes
Medium 0.02% per second 1% per second 83.33 minutes 1.67 minutes
Long 0.08% per second 2% per second 20.83 minutes 50 seconds
Ultra 0.23% per second 4% per second 7.25 minutes 25 seconds



Equip Animation


  • The back of the Radio has a worn off note saying "For f__k sake please do not recharge using SCP-914!!"
    • Near the bottom of the Radio is another note saying "Please don't use in 914"
  • When the Radio's model was first changed, its inventory icon was still of the old model.
    • The antenna to the Radio was mostly missing in the old inventory icon as it got cropped out.
    • This was fixed in v11.0.0 when the Radio got an overhaul with a second model change.
  • The current Radio model based off a Tatical CS Military Radio.