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Release Date 14 Sep 2020
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v10.0.2 v10.0.4
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SCP: Secret Laboratory is always changing. Version 10.0.3 is our latest update to the game, bringing with it some stability improvements and bug fixes, as well as introducing a new feature for SCP voice chat. You can find the patch notes below.

Role Indicators

When playing as an SCP, voice chat is often critical to your team's success. Players use it to communicate their wins, their losses, and everything in-between. It also has other uses, like letting your teammates know that you've revived someone as SCP-049 or asking them for directions. It's a very important part of playing an antagonistic role.

Something we've noticed lately is the confusion that stems from memorizing your teammates. Every SCP is different, with the exception of SCP-939 being able to spawn twice in a match, and having to memorize what role each player fills can be stressful, especially in the heat of a fight or escaping from an engagement that went wrong.

To fix this, we've added graphical indicators to represent what class a teammate is playing. Whenever a player uses voice chat as an SCP, an image representing their role will display next to their name for all other SCPs. This should play a big part in eliminating the frustration of memorizing your teammates, and even allows teammates that don't speak to show their role by tapping their push-to-talk key!

This extends to all SCP classes, including instances of SCP-049-2 or any SCPs that are created after the start of the round by server moderators or plugins. When a teammate starts talking, you'll immediately know who they are and what role they're playing.

Note that this feature is only available for SCPs right now - other methods of voice chat that display names, such as radio and spectator chat, won't display any icons. This was a deliberate choice, to preserve the uncertainty and paranoia created over radio. If you've been alone for a while, and you suddenly hear somebody asking if anyone is on the radio, you can't be certain whether or not they're an ally, or an enemy trying to lure you out.


Version 10.0.3 features a plethora of fixes and adjustments, which are as follows:

  • Fixed SCP-096 being unable to leave the intercom room.
  • Fixed the Epsilon-11's flashlight not appearing when dropped on the ground.
  • Fixed the Hemorrhage status effect causing damage to stationary players who were holding their Sprint key.
  • Fixed an issue causing ammo pickups to become "ghost items" if not all of the ammunition was taken from the pickup.
  • Fixed a duplicate RID in the Entrance Zone.
  • Fixed the nickname appearance on the welcome screen using an unsanitized HTML text field.
  • Fixed an exploit causing SCP-079's power to not drain at the correct rate when using a speaker while doors were locked.
  • Fixed the Motion Blur setting not applying in-game.
  • Fixed non-civilian classes obtaining the "High on the Wings of Caffeine" achievement while passing the escape boundary with SCP-207 active.
  • Fixed the audio effect played when attempting to fire with an empty magazine playing twice.
  • The TIX INFO RA command now requires RespawnEvents permission.
  • The game client should now work on Wine for Linux players.
  • MTF Scientists now properly spawn with a disarmer.
  • Added unique messages for escaping while disarmed, instead of showing the normal escape message for your team.
  • Players no longer collide with generator doors, which fixes several out-of-bounds exploits.
  • Anticheat improvements and fixes.

API Changes

This segment is for plugin developers. You can safely skip these notes if you aren't involved with the creation of plugins or mods.

  • Implemented the ForceCuff syncvar on the Handcuffs class. When enabled, the player will be disarmed, even if no other players have interacted with them.
  • Steamworks has been updated.

What about SCP-096's rebalance?

We're still working on the balance of SCP-096. Our survey, run in late August of this year, has been very helpful in diagnosing some of SCP-096’s problems and getting the community's input about them. We've now playtested all of the options we presented in the survey, and we'll likely be releasing a more detailed post soon describing our balancing process and our final decisions. In the meantime, however, keep an eye out.


This is a small update, but it may be a significant one. Being able to see teammates' roles as an SCP should provide a significant improvement to teamwork potential, and we've fixed several long-standing bugs with the game. We hope you keep enjoying SCP: Secret Laboratory!

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