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Health 2500
Spawn Zone Heavy Containment Zone
Movement Speed 4.5 m/s 

6 hubes

Special Ability Resurrect dead bodies as
SCP-049-2 instances
Article Link Page
Class Color #EC2222
Class ID 5

SCP-049 is one of the seven playable SCP classes in SCP: Secret Laboratory.
SCP-049 acts like a support class SCP, capable of turning dead people into SCP-049-2 instances, which inturn can make the next respawn wave smaller.

In Game

At the start of the round, SCP-049 will spawn in his Containment Cell located in Heavy Containment Zone.
SCP-049 can immediately leave the cell upon spawning, and must use an elevator system to access the main section of HCZ. Upon leaving, SCP-049 will be free to roam around the map.

SCP-049 can 'cure' any Human by pressing Left Click.png Left Click on them, instantly killing them, regardless of their current HP. Players killed by SCP-049 are locked into their deathcam for seven seconds, preventing them from spectating others.
By holding E on any human corpse, SCP-049 can resurrect them as an instance of SCP-049-2.
The cause of death does not matter, and the body can be revived within a period of 10 seconds after death. If the timer has passed 10 seconds, SCP-049 will not be able to revive the body. It takes 7 seconds to revive any dead body.
SCP-049 is still capable of killing players while reviving someone, but they cannot move during this process.

To balance his formidable abilities, SCP-049 has considerable weaknesses:

  • SCP-049 is incapable of running and walks briskly at most, making him one of the slowest SCPs in the game. SCP-049 can also only jump slightly higher than SCP-173.
  • SCP-049's attack has a 1.5 second cooldown, activating only on successful kills, making it hard for him to kill groups of players.
  • SCP-049 is one of the few SCPs that does not have any Hume Shield.

SCP-049 can talk to the other SCPs by holding down the Q key. This voice chat can be heard by all SCPs, regardless of the distance.

Related Achievements

  • Curing 10 people as SCP-049 in a single round grants the My Cure Is Most Effective... achievement.



  • Due to his ability to create new SCPs (SCP-049-2), he can reverse the SCP termination count at the end of a match, sometimes into the negatives.