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Health 1800
Hume Shield 600
Spawn Zone Heavy Containment Zone
Movement Speed Walk: 3.4 m/s 

4.5 hubes

Sprint: 5.3 m/s 

7 hubes

Special Ability Can sprint
Speak to humans
See sound through walls
Attack gives players the
Amnesia Effect Makes it slightly harder to see.
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Class Color #EC2222
Class ID 16 = 939-53
17 = 939-89

SCP-939 is one of the seven playable SCP classes in SCP: Secret Laboratory.
SCP-939 acts as a support role SCP, being able to catch up to humans who are sprinting, having the ability to talk to human classes, and being able to see players through walls in certain situations.

In Game

At the start of the round, SCP-939 will spawn in her Containment Chamber in Heavy Containment Zone.
SCP-939 can leave her chamber upon spawning by heading up a ramp that leads into the main section of HCZ. Upon exiting the chamber, SCP-939 will be free to roam around the map.

SCP-939 can only see human classes that are making noise (i.e. walking, sprinting, or firing a weapon within a certain distance), and is able to see these players through walls. Players who are sneaking cannot be seen by SCP-939, unless she touches them.
SCP-939 can see people who are within a very close range to her, and will always be able to players on Surface, regardless of what they're doing.
SCP-939 is also not affected by players wearing SCP-268, as long as they are making noise. Players sneaking cannot be seen, unless SCP-939 bumps into them.
Despite being blind, SCP-939 is not immune to Flashbang Grenades. This is because SCP-939 instances are very sensitive to light, and Flashbang Grenades emit a loud noise that mess with SCP-939's hearing abilities.

SCP-939 has a bite attack that it can perform with a Left Click.png Left Click. The bite attack is extremely strong, dealing 50 damage of HP, as well as applying the Amnesia Cause the player to not be able to reload their weapon or open their inventory Status Effect.

SCP-939 can talk to the other SCPs by holding down the Q key. This voice chat can be heard by all SCPs, regardless of the distance.
SCP-939 also has the ability to talk similar to humans, with a proximty range that can be heard by all players nearby. This is down by pressing down the V key. It acts simiarly to human voice chat, and can only be heard by players in a proximity range.

SCP-939 also has two movement abilities. She is able to walk and sprint.
While walking, SCP-939's footsteps are completely silent, which makes it easy for her to sneak up behind unsuspecting targets.
SCP-939 can sprint by holding down the Shift key, however, these footsteps are audible.

Unlike the other playable SCPs, multiple (2) instances of SCP-939s can spawn in a given round.

Vision Range

List shows how far SCP-939 can hear sounds. Interestingly, firearms will still get a range increase on Surface Zone, despite it being useless due to the fact SCP-939 can always see people on Surface.
For reference, one hallway is 15.5 meters.

Player movements

  • D-Class and Scientist:


  • AK

  • COM-15/COM-18

  • Crossvec
    • Shooting: 60 meters 

      80 hubes

    • Out Of Ammo, Click, ADS (In or out) and reloading: 7.5 meters 

      10 hubes

    • Equip: 5.3 meters 

      7 hubes

  • Shotgun
    • Shooting: 82.5 meters 

      110 hubes

    • Out Of Ammo, ADS (In or out) and reloading: 11.3 meters 

      15 hubes

    • Pump In/Out, Reloading shells: 18.8 meters 

      25 hubes

    • Out of ammo, searching pockets: 7.5 meters 

      10 hubes

  • MTF-E11-SR
    • Shooting: 78.8 meters 

      105 hubes

    • Out Of Ammo, Click, ADS (In or out), Equip and Drum Tap: 7.5 meters 

      10 hubes

    • Reloading: 11.3 meters 

      15 hubes

  • FSP-9
    • Shooting: 60 meters 

      80 hubes

    • Out Of Ammo, Click, Stock fold, Stock Extend: 7.5 meters 

      10 hubes

    • Reloading: 9.8 meters 

      13 hubes

    • ADS (In or Out) or equip without stock: 3.8 meters 

      5 hubes

  • Logicer

  • Revolver
    • Shooting: 60 meters 

      80 hubes

    • Out Of Ammo, Click, ADS (In or out): 11.3 meters 

      15 hubes

    • Reloading: 11.3 meters 

      15 hubes

If you're on the Surface Zone, these get a 2.3x multiplier.
If a weapon is suppressed there is a 0.35x multiplier on it on rifles and 0.4x on pistols.




SCP-939 Changelog History
7.0.0 939 Icon 02.png SCP-939-53 and SCP-939-89 Added. 939 Icon 01.png
April 1st 2018 Renamed both versions of SCP-939 to Evil SCP-999 for the Aprils Fools update. Model changed to an orange blob, and vision color was changed to orange and white. Attack sound's pitch was shifted up.
9.0.0 Removed the 25% speed boost when damaged.
Sprint speed increased to 7 m/s (previously was 6.5 m/s).
Walking footsteps are silent; sprinting footsteps remain audible.
Walk speed reduce to 4.5m/s (previously was 5m/s).
Mimicking no longer plays over SCP chat.
10.0.0 Attacks inflict Amnesia for 3 seconds.
Attacks consistently deal 65 damage, instead of a random amount between 50 and 80.
October 23rd 2020 93953Halloween21.png 93989Halloween21.png Both 939 variants received different visual updates for the Halloween update.
11.0.0 Max HP decreased to 1800 (previously was 2200).
600 HS applied.
Bite damage reduced to 50 (previously was 65).
Can now destroy glass with attack.
Proper ragdoll added.
October 24th 2021 93953Halloween21.png 93989Halloween21.png Both 939 variants received different visual updates for the Halloween update.


  • Both SCP-939 instances in SCP: Secret Laboratory are female.
    • Despite this, multiple change-logs refer to the instances as male, using "he" when describing SCP-939.
  • SCP: Secret Laboratory was originally meant to have only one instance of SCP-939.
    • Due to a miscommunication between the Art Studio and Game Designers, two models were accidently created.
  • Interestingly, SCP-939 sees via sound in-game, despite the SCP-939 wiki article suggesting SCP-939 uses heat and air pressure to see their surroundings.