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Subsection-01 of Site-02, also known as the Entrance Zone, is one of the four zones in SCP: Secret Laboratory. It contains the only exits that lead out of the facility.

Operational Guide Overview

Subsection-01 of Site-02 is the primary civilian work area. It hosts a large variety of private (and open) office spaces, staff lockers, and large, open spaces for Site Staff to relax and recuperate in.

The ‘entrance zone’, as it is known by staff, directly connects the facility’s transport elevators to the surface; with connection points to the Heavy Containment Zone, as well as [DATA EXPUNGED].

“Recording this for my personal log because I got literally nothing better to do. Another day in the office, another boring day in the office. It’s always the same old, same old. ‘Hey Chuck, finish those TPS reports. Hey Chuck, input some of this data to the main servers. Do some check-overs.’ I’d kill to do something different. Something impactful for once.”
-Charles H. Goodwin, Analyst, Site-02


Entrance Zone (EZ) is one of four zones in Site-02.
It is the spawn location for Facility Guards, and contains both Gate A and Gate B that allows one to reach the Surface Zone.

Entrance Zone contains a couple of unique rooms. While some of these rooms may contain items, most rooms do not have an important gameplay role.

Unique Rooms

Unique rooms are rooms that spawn only once and might include useful items or have an important gameplay role.

Two-Story Office

Overview of the room. Note the First Aid Cabinet on the top of the stairs.

The Two-Story Office is a medium sized room that contains a walkway and stairs.

A Workstation will always spawn at the top of the stairs, and there is a chance for a Standard Locker to spawn there as well.
Another Locker may also spawn one the lower floor of the office near one of the doors to the office.

The elevated place is commonly used by SCPs to jump down from to ambush human players as they enter the room.

Guaranteed Spawns:

Possible Spawns:

Large Office

Overview of the room
The cubby area of the office containing a Standard Locker.

The Large Office is a medium sized office that contains multiple desk with computers on them.

In the corner of the room, a cubical can be seen. This area is a common hiding spot and is also a possible spawn location for a Standard Locker.
A Workstation can also spawn in the room as well.

Possible Spawns:

First Aid Cabinet

Minor Office

Overview of the room
An alternative view

The Minor Office is a hallway with a small office on the side below floor level. The dividing wall of the sunken office can be used for cover and hiding.

Conference Hallway

Overview of the room

The Conference Hallway is a hallway with two locked doors. These two doors can not be opened.

One of the doors is labeled as Conference Room 9B, while the other is labeled as Dr. L.
The spot near the Dr. L door can be used for cover. The name is from SCP: Containment Breach due to the room being an asset from that game and thus, the name is not considered canon.

This hallway is very similar in layout to the Offices Hallway

Intercom Room

Entrance to the intercom
The first room found at the bottom of the stairs
Intercom Access Required
SCP-079 AP Cost: 30 AP
Door can be destroyed with explosives, SCP-018 and SCP-096
The Intercom Room is a corner room with a keycard locked door that requires Intercom Access 

Intercom Access
to open.

The intercom itself can be used by players to broadcast "useful" messages to the whole facility.
The duration of and cooldown between broadcasts can be changed in the server config - by default, players have up to 20 seconds to send broadcasts followed by a 120 second cooldown.

The intercom can also be used as a room of hiding, as only a small amount of Keycards can open the door.


Gate-A Entrance
Gate-B Entrance
Gate Access Required
SCP-079 AP Cost: 80 AP
Door can't be destroyed by any means

Entrance Zone contains the two gates that lead to the Surface Zone: Gate A and Gate B.

Gate A is closer to the Chaos Insurgency spawn area and is often used by Chaos when they enter the site.

Gate B is closer to the Mobile Task Force spawn area, and is often used by the MTF when they enter Site-02.
It is also closer to the Escape Area on Surface Zone, making Gate-B often used by Class-Ds and Scientists when they attempt to escape.

Both gates can be opened by Keycards with Gate Access 

Gate Access

Guaranteed Spawn:

Evacuation Shelter

The entrance to the room
Overview of the room
. . .

The Evacuation Shelter is a small room that looks similar to a gate.

The gate itself is badly damaged and an redish-orange gas is seen leaking out.
When peeking into the room, the player can see many dead bodies littered inside it.

The room contains no cameras, making it a blind spot for SCP-079.

Inside the room one of the five hidden Hubertballs in the game can found. It can only be seen with Noclip.

Guaranteed Spawns:

Loading Dock

Overview from the back of the room.
Overview of the room

The Loading Dock is a large dead end room, that contains a gate that can't be interacted with. The name of the room implies it is used by Site-02 staff for the transporation of large items. The room can be used as a hiding spot from SCPs or other hostile factions. This room is one of the spawn locations for Facility Guards.

Collapsed Hallway

Overview of the room

The Collapsed Hallway is a small hallway with a collapsed ceiling, which prevents players from continuing forward.
This room contains no cameras, making it a blind spot for SCP-079.


Map Layouts

There are five possible map layouts of Entrance Zone. Special Rooms are randomized in these layouts. SCP-079 map rotates both HCZ and EZ on its display by 180°, these images are based off how the layouts appear in the game files and not SCP-079's map.
The Orange Endroom labeled as "EZ" represents the checkpoint. It always spawns in the same location and is two hallways long.
Below are all the possible map layouts, using their official names.

  • Mooshua - SL Layout Creator Tool.

Related Achievements

Click to view 1 achievement(s) related to Entrance Zone:

Is This Thing On?
Interact with the Intercom located in Entrance Zone.


  • Entrance Zone is the only zone that does not have a theme.
  • Entrance Zone used to contain a cafeteria, which would also contain SCP-294.
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