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The Surface Zone is one of four zones found in SCP: Secret Laboratory. It is the only zone that will not be destroyed when the Alpha Warhead detonates, and will always remain accessible the entire round.


The Surface is one of four zones in Site-02.
The zone contains the terminal to activate the Alpha Warhead detonation sequence, while also containing the spawn points for both MTF and CI. It also is the location of the escape room, where Class-D and Scientist must reach in order to escape. While not seen ingame, C.A.S.S.I.E.'s core is located in previously decommissioned surveillance room on the Surface Zone.

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Chaos Insurgency Spawn[edit]

Walkway overlooking CI's spawn
Chaos Car that appears before Chaos respawns

This is the spawn location for Chaos Insurgency. It is a large, fairly open area that is ideal for sniping.

A staircase that leads raised catwalk and the Gate-A elevator can be found on the right. The catwalk surrounds the entire Gate A section and can be used to snipe players that are below.

A road can also be seen on the ground level of this area. The road starts out behind a locked gate and travels through a short tunnel before sloping upwards. The road then continues through the Gate-B Elevator section.
A single (inaccessible) door can also be seen next to the locked gate.

Moments before a Chaos spawn, a car will drive though the locked gate. It will continue forward before making a stop below the raised catwalk. Chaos will then spawn in, and the car will exit the area through where it came from. The Chaos Car is capable of running over both humans and SCPs, dealing 99999 damage to them. This makes the Chaos Car one of the highest damage sources in the game.

Gate-A Elevator[edit]

The Entrance to Gate A
The upper area of the Gate A area

Located here is the elevator that leads into Entrance Zone.
The area is connected with two entrances: One is a giant opening that leads to the catwalk, while the second is a set of stairs that leads down to a small hallway (which is connected to the main set of stairs). The hallway is often used as a place to hide and sneak around while staying out of sight.

Several (inaccessible) doors can be found here, as well as two (inaccessible) gaps which show a second road.

Alpha Warhead Control[edit]

Entrance to the activation room
Inside the activation room

Located on the ground level is the Alpha Warhead Control Room. It is a small room containing the Warhead Activation Console and a Workstation. It is the only way to activate the warhead detonation sequence.

The door itself can be opened without the usage of a Keycard. Inside the room is a console that is used to activate the Alpha Warhead. On the console is a button panel that requires a Keycard with Nuke Access  Janitor Icon dark.png Guard Icon dark.png ZManager icon dark.png
Scientist Icon dark.png Cadet icon2 dark.png Owner Icon.png
Research Supervisor Icon dark.png Lieutenant Icon dark.png Chaos card icon2 dark.png
CEngineer icon dark.png Commander icon dark.png O5 icon.png
to open. Opening the panel reveals the button to activate the Alpha Warhead.

In order to initiate the detonation sequence, the Warhead Control Panel, located in at the Warhead Silo in Heavy Containment Zone, has to be switched on. If it is on, the console will read "Ready", and the player will then have to press the button on the console to initiate the sequence.
If the panel is not switched on, then the console will read "Disabled", and the detonation sequence can not be initiated (pressing the button will do nothing).

Gate-B Elevator[edit]

Tunnel seen from CI's side

The area here is inside a tunnel, which connects CI and MTF's spawn locations. There is also an elevator system that leads down into Entrance Zone. The path to the elevator is slightly elevated above the ground.

The road from the Gate A section continues here, and begins to slope upwards as the tunnel ends.

Mobile Task Force Spawn[edit]

NTF's spawn area
The helicopter that appears before NTF respawn

This is the spawn location for MTF. It is a large, open area where the road curves right and passes through a locked gate. Located nearby is the Escape Room.
It should be noted that there is no roof to this area as opposed to the Gate B Elevator section.

Moments before a MTF spawn, a helicopter will fly over the wall, and will hover above the road. MTF will then spawn in, and the helicopter will leave, flying back out through the way it came from. 

Escape Room[edit]

DoorDestroy2.png Door can be destroyed with explosives, SCP-018 and SCP-096

Entrance to the Escape Room
The end of the pathway at the Escape Room

The escape room is located near the MTF spawn location. Players will have to go though a pathway with two doors, before they reach the escape area.

If a Class-D or Scientist reaches the end of the pathway, they will be respawned as Chaos Insurgency Conscripts or MTF Specialists respectively. If a certain config option is turned on for the server, disarming Class-Ds or Scientists will reverse the team they respawn as when escaping. A disarmed Class-D that escapes will become a Nine Tailed Fox Private, while a disarmed Scientist escaping will become Chaos Conscript.

Entering the escape room as any other class will have no effect.

Tutorial Tower[edit]

Inside the tower

The Tutorial Tower is a small room located in the top of one of the 5 towers on surface. It is the spawn location for Tutorials.

Due to the nature of tutorial spawning, the room can only be accessed via Remote Admin.


  • The Surface is the only zone that will always remain playable throughout the entire round.
  • The Alpha Warhead Control room used to require a Keycard with Nuke Access to open.
    • This was changed in the 11.2.0 update.
  • In the game's code, the type of killbox the Chaos Car uses to run people over is called "Checkpoint Killer", as the killbox was originally made to prevent players from abusing an out of bounds expolit at checkpoints.