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SCP Infobox Test



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Health: Insert Health Value Walk: 3.9 m/s
Hume Shield (Initial): Sprint: m/s
Hume Shield (20% HP): Jump Power: 4.9
Hume Shield Regen: HS/s
Hume Shield Regen Delay: s
Other Information
Spawn Location: {{{Spawn}}}
Class Color: #EC2222
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Reinforced Concrete (Passive)

Heavy Armor level bullet resistance.
Higher penetration weapons are more effective.

Tantrum (Active)

A pool of filth on the ground that slows targets. Regain a small amount of HS when stained targets are killed.

Blink (Active)

Teleport to a marker on the ground, forcing everyone to blink. Will kill the nearest human if they are in range.

Break Neck Speeds (Active)

SCP-173 moves a lot faster and can blink further, but is unable to kill.

Health: 3000 Walk: 7.3 m/s
Hume Shield (Initial): 750 Breakneck Speeds: 12.4 m/s
Hume Shield (20% HP): 1500 Jump Power: 4.9
Hume Shield Regen: 30 HS/s
Hume Shield Regen Delay: 10s
Other Information
Spawn Location: Light Containment Zone
Nickname: Matthew
Class ID: 0
Class Color: #EC2222
Article Link: Infobox Test Page


link:File:SCPCAT 079.png


Open/Close Doors (Active)

Open, close, or lock doors to help fellow SCPs catch people with ease.

Lockdown (Active)

Lockdown a room and turn off its lights, allowing SCP-173 to move freely.

Tesla Overcharge (Active)

Activate Tesla Gates on anyone who walks through.

Virtually Indestructible (Passive)

SCP-079 is immune to all normal forms of damage but is weak to the 3 Generators around HCZ.

Tier 1 Max AP: 100 Regen: 1.2 AP/s
Tier 2 Max AP: 110 Regen: 2.5 AP/s
Tier 3 Max AP: 125 Regen: 4.1 AP/s
Tier 4 Max AP: 150 Regen: 6.8 AP/s
Tier 5 Max AP: 200 Regen: 11.2 AP/s
Other Information
Spawn Location: Heavy Containment Zone
Recontainable with Overcharge Process
Class ID: 7
Class Color: #EC2222
Article Link: Infobox Test Page




Claw (Active)

Perform a swipe attack that deals moderate damage and pierces armor.

Ultrasensitive (Passive)

Eyesight is extremely limited but made up for by high sensitivity to sound.

Focus & Lunge (Active)

Crouch low on the ground and focus on your surrondings.
While focus, you can lunge forward at a great distance.

Amnestic Cloud (Active)

Release an amnestic gas to disorientate humans, preventing them from perceiving you.

Mimicry (Active)

Mimic other audio noises or throw your voice to confuse humans.

Health: 2400 Walk: 4.3 m/s
Hume Shield (Initial): 350 Sprint: 7.2 m/s
Hume Shield (20% HP): 700 Jump Power: 5.6
Hume Shield Regen: 25 HS/s
Hume Shield Regen Delay: 20s
Other Information
Spawn Location: Heavy Containment Zone
Class ID: 16
Class Color: #EC2222
Article Link: Infobox Test Page

SCP Infobox Test
Health 2000
Hume Shield (Initial)
Hume Shield (20% HP)
Spawn Zone Heavy Containment Zone
Movement Speed Through Doors: 2 m/s
Normal: 4.5 m/s
Stalk: 7 m/s
Special Ability Teleportation
Send players to Pocket Dimension
Hide in the floor
Article Link Infobox Test Page
Class Color #EC2222
Class ID 3

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