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Servers allow players to play online with other people. They can be hosted by the players themselves or by an external hosting service. Servers should optimally allow up to around 20 players - although larger severs can be configured, they will become significantly slower and the game may become unbalanced.

Server Browser

The Server Browser is used to display all verified servers sorted by ping/location, with official servers in the player's region always being shown first.
At the top of the Server Browser are five filter options. These options include:

  • Internet - Shows all Listed Servers
  • Favourites - Shows all Favourited Servers
  • Official - List all Official Servers
  • History - List all the servers you have recently played
  • Friends - List all the server that currently have friends playing on them.

Above the server list are multiple different buttons.

  • SearchIcon.png Search for a server by name
  • CreateServer.png Create a temporary server
  • RejoinIcon.png Rejoin the last played server
  • Direct Connect Icon.png Directly Connect to a server by IP
  • RefreshIcon.png Refresh Server list

Filter options are found to the right of these buttons.
These filter options can be used to hide empty games, hide full games, and hide servers that use a whitelist.

When you click on a server, the information about the server will pop up to the right of the server list.
Most servers will have their rules stored in the information section, so it is important to read them before joining a server.

The Server Browser will also show any other important information about the server, such as

  • ServerOfficial.png Official Server
  • ServerFriendlyfire.png Servers with Friendly Fire on
  • ServerModded.png Servers that make use of plugins
  • ServerWhitelist.png Servers that contain a whitelist of players that can join them.

Hosting a server

A server must be hosted on a machine to be playable, this can be done in a number of ways.

Hosting from home or using a VPS

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  • Hosting from home is an easy task and is mostly free, but will require a dedicated computer to host the server and have acceptable specifications of both hardware and internet speed.
  • Hosting on a VPS is more complex and has upkeep costs, but it is the most flexible option - fully dedicated, has a static IP address and requires no port forwarding.

Both home hosting and VPS hosting follow the same instructions, the only difference being that a VPS server setup will be done over a FTP client and doesn't require port forwarding.

Renting a game server

Renting a game server is the simplest way to host a server, as almost everything is done for you. It is similar to VPS hosting with the differences being a proper UI and autoverification (note that autoverification is done only on the servers rented from one of the providers mentioned below).

Official Server provider:

List of alternative providers with autoverification (in alphabetical order):


For a server to be visible on the server browser, it has to be verified.

Verification is a mostly manual process in which the server's config is checked to ensure that it follows the Verified Server Rules. If it does, the server is issued a verification key which the server uses to authorize itself to the server browser.

This is bypassed on the aforementioned game server hosting services.

Server Moderation

To moderate their server, owners and assigned server staff have access to the Remote Admin panel. This allows general moderation features such as kick, ban and mute as well as more "cheaty" options such as spawning items, giving godmode or door bypasses.

Server Configuration

Main article: Server Config

After installing the server can be configured and settings such as the server name, info tab, player count and similar can be set.

All of these settings can be changed in the config_gameplay.txt/config.txt file.

  • On Windows: %AppData%\SCP Secret Laboratory\config\<port>\config_gameplay.txt
  • On Linux: \home\{username}\.config\SCP Secret Laboratory\config\<port>\config_gameplay.txt