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Description Left click disarms, right click unties.
Hold E on someone who is disarmed on
your team to free them.
Type Equipment (Tool)
Usage Disarms and handcuffs
an enemy
Spawn On certain
classes when spawning
Spawn ID 27

Disarmers are a type of Item found in SCP: Secret Laboratory.

Disarmers are handheld devices which allow players to instantly disarm and handcuff opposing players within a close range.

If the player is in range and not holding any items in their hands, players can press Left Click.png Left Click to disarm them. Disarmed players will drop their entire inventory, and cannot pick up items nor interact with doors. The disarmer will also display the distance from the cuffed player with a status bar.

Players can disarm only one player at a time, and players holding any item cannot be disarmed.

Disarmed players will automatically be uncuffed if they move too far away from the person who disarmed them. Using an elevator will release the disarmed person unless the player who cuffed them is also in the elevator. The player can also be uncuffed by holding the E key while looking at them.

If the cuffed_escapee_change_team config option is set to true on a server, any Class-D that escapes while disarmed will turn into a Nine Tailed Fox Cadet; while any disarmed Scientist that escapes will become a Chaos Insurgent.


Related Achievements[edit]

Disarming a Nine Tailed Fox grants the The Tables Have Turned achievement.



  • The inventory icon for the Disarmer uses an outdated model.