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Server Name Command Interpolation[edit]

Server Name Command Interpolation (SNCI) is the feature included in Megapatch II.

It provides a simple and easy form of scripting to server names. It provides more power than SMod's server name variables if used properly. These can be used on the player list title as well.

How to use SNCI[edit]

The syntax for commands is {command_name,arg1,arg2,arg...} , which is placed within the server name. All characters can be escaped in order to have { , } , or , in closures. It means that you need to put a backslash (\) before { , } , or , if you want to use them in your servername. Whitespace of the command name or arguments is not trimmed.


In this scenario, the following will be our server name:

<color=#b0b>The Stetzone</color>\n<color=#{random_list,b00,0b0,b0b}>Ruleless Anarchy</color>\n<color=#fc0><size=10>
{scp_counter} SCPs | {add,{alive_team,MTF},{alive_team,RSC}} Foundation Personnel | {add,{alive_team,CHI},{alive_team,CDP}}
Insurgents/Prisoners {warhead_detonated,| ☢ WARHEAD DETONATED ☢,}\n[{round_duration_minutes}:{round_duration_seconds}]

On the server list, it displays as a 20/20 server with the name of:

<color=#b0b>The Stetzone</color>

<color=#b00>Ruleless Anarchy</color>

<color=#fc0><size=10>3/5 SCPs | 12 Foundation Personnel | 4 Insurgents/Prisoners | ☢ WARHEAD DETONATED ☢ [8:29]</size></color>

The reason why it displays is:

  1. The interpolator encounters {random_list,b00,0b0,b0b}.
    1. The interpolator picks a random number from 1-3 (amount of items).
    2. The interpolator resolves that item just in case it has closures within it.
    3. Returned b00.
  2. The interpolator then moves to {scp_counter}.
    1. There were 5 SCPs at the start.
    2. There are only 3 now.
    3. Returned 3/5 .
  3. The interpolator keeps moving and finds {add,{alive_team,MTF},{alive_team,RSC}}
    1. The interpolator resolves the arguments.
      1. {alive_team,MTF} resolves to 9.
      2. {alive_team,RSC} resolves to 3.
    2. The interpolator adds the results together.
    3. Returned 12.
  4. The interpolator scrolls along and sees {add,{alive_team,CHI},{alive_team,CDP}}. This is the same as #3 so it returned 4and we'll skip it.
  5. The interpolator goes to the next closure: {warhead_detonated,| ☢ WARHEAD DETONATED ☢,}
    1. The warhead has detonated so it selects the first argument.
    2. The interpolator resolves the first argument.
    3. Returned | ☢ WARHEAD DETONATED ☢
  6. The interpolator gets to {round_duration_minutes}.
    1. The round has been going on for 8 minutes, 29 seconds.
    2. Returned 8.
  7. The interpolator finally reaches {round_duration_seconds}.
    1. The round has been going on for 8 minutes, 29 seconds.
    2. Returned 29.


Server info[edit]

Name Arguments Returns
ip None The IP address of the server.
port None The port of the server .
number None Assuming the port starts at 7777, the server number.
version None The leading compatible version.

Player Counts[edit]

Name Arguments Returns
player_count None The current number of players on the server
full_player_count None; [full] The current out of maximum players on the server, or full if full.
max_players None The maximum number of players on the server.

Round Info[edit]

Name Arguments Returns
round_duration_minutes None The duration of the round in minutes.
round_duration_seconds None The duration of the round in seconds, ignoring minutes (always <60).
kills None Total kills this round.
kills_frag None Total frag grenade kills this round.
mtf_respawns None Total MTF respawns this round.
warhead_detonated None;[detonated][undetonated] Detonated or undetonated (default "☢ WARHEAD DETONATED☢" or

empty) depending on whether or not the warhead has been detonated.

Alive Players[edit]

Name Arguments Returns
alive_role [role ID] The amount of players with that role alive. Role ID can be a name or integer ID.
alive_team [team ID] The amount of players with that team alive. Team ID can be a name or integer ID.

SCP Info[edit]

Name Arguments Returns
scp_counter None Alive SCPs (except for zombies) out of initial SCPs of the round.
scp_start None Initial SCPs of the round.
scp_killed None SCPs killed this round.
scp_kills None Kills by SCPs this round.
zombies_recalled None Zombies recalled this round.

Class D Info[edit]

Name Arguments Returns
classd_counter None Escaped Class Ds out of initial Class Ds of the round.
classd_start None Initial Class Ds of the round.
classd_escaped None Class Ds escapees this round.

Scientist Info[edit]

Name Arguments Returns
scientist_counter None Escaped scientists out of initial scientists of the round.
scientist_start None Initial scientists of the round.
scientist_escaped None Scientist escapees this round


Name Arguments Returns
random [max]; [min] [max] Random decimal between the min (default 0) and max.
random_list [item 1] [item 2] […] A random item


Name Arguments Returns
constant_e None Euler's number.
constant_pi None Pi (π).


Name Arguments Returns
add [a] [b] a + b
subtract [a] [b] a - b
multiply [a] [b] a * b
division [a] [b] a / b
power [a] [b] a ^ b
log [value]; [base] [value] Log [base] (default 10) of [value].
ln [value] Natural log of [value]


Name Arguments Returns
round [value] Rounds to the nearest whole number.
round_up [value] Rounds up to the nearest whole number.
round_down [value] Rounds down to the nearest whole number.


Name Arguments Returns
equals [a] [b] Checks equality of [a] and [b] by string representation.
greater [a] [b] "True" if [a] > [b], else "False".
lesser [a] [b] "True" if [a] < [b], else "False".
greater_or_equal [a] [b] "True" if [a] >= [b], else "False".
lesser_or_equal [a] [b] "True" if [a] <= [b], else "False".

Boolean Logic[edit]

Name Arguments Returns
not [value] Inverts [value].
or [a] [b] "True" if [a] OR [b] are true, else "False".
and [a] [b] "True" if [a] AND [b] are true, else "False".
xor [a] [b] "True" if [a] OR [b] but NOT [a] AND [B], else "False".
if [condition] [a]; [condition] [a] [b] [a] if [condition] is true else [b] (default empty)