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SCP Item Infobox
Example render; only 3 presents spawn at once
Basic Information
Type SCP Object
Usage Provides useful items
Spawn Appears randomly
Applied Effects Varies
Other Information
Article Link SCP Article
Voice Actor Red

An infobox for Items.


{{Item infobox
|name = Example item
|image = SCP Foundation (emblem).svg
|image_size = 200
|caption = Some example image
|type = Equipment
|usage = Disarms
|spawn = [[MTF]]
|nocat = yes


{{Item infobox
|name = Name override
|image = Image (preferably png)
|caption = Caption that goes under the infobox image
|image_size = Image size override
|type = Item type (Equipment/Misc)|(Tool/Consumable)|SCP Item
|usage = What is it used for
|spawn = Spawn locations (both zones and classes)
|nocat = Doesn't include category