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SCP Item Infobox
Example render; only 3 presents spawn at once
Basic Information
Type SCP Object
Usage Provides useful items
Spawn Appears randomly
Total Spawns 1
Applied Effects Varies
Other Information
Article Link SCP Article
Voice Actor Red

An infobox for Items.


{{Item infobox
|name = Example item
|image = SCP Foundation (emblem).svg
|image_size = 200
|caption = Some example image
|type = Equipment
|usage = Disarms
|spawn = [[MTF]]
|nocat = yes


{{Item infobox
|name = Name override
|image = Image (preferably png)
|caption = Caption that goes under the infobox image
|image_size = Image size override
|type = Item type (Equipment/Misc)|(Tool/Consumable)|SCP Item
|usage = What is it used for
|spawn = Spawn locations (both zones and classes)
|nocat = Doesn't include category