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Status Deceased
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SCP-999 was an orange slime-like creature. It had the trait of making anyone feel very happy, to the point it can cure depression. It made chirping like noises and cared about everyone it met. An unknown time before SCP: Secret Laboratory takes place, SCP-999 was terminated.

Cause of Death[edit]

SCP-999's cause of death is unknown, there are multiple theories though.

  • He was catapulted into the sun
  • He was shot to death after turning evil in the April Fools update
  • He was burned alive after being drenched in gasoline
  • Blown up by dynamite
  • Was frozen then smashed with a sledgehammer
  • Crushed by a falling filing cabinet in Entrance Zone
  • Nuclear Blast
  • Melted in acid
  • Incinerated
  • Shot by Mauser Karabiner 98k


999's death concept art made by Junior Game Designer, Wavepoole.


  • For the 2019 April Fools Update, SCP-939's model was changed to SCP-999, along with his name being changed to Evil SCP-999. It made high pitch growls when attacking and the vision was white and orange.