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This article is about the SCP-2536 Xmas 2020 Version. For pages with similar naming, see the SCP-2536 (Disambiguation) page.

ATTENTION! This article's topic contains information about the X-Mas 2020 Event. SCP-2536 was removed from the game after the event ended.
This page only exist for trivia purposes now.

SCP-2536 (2020)
Basic Information
Type SCP Object
Usage Provides useful items
Spawn Appears randomly
Applied Effects Varies
Other Information
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SCP-2536 was an Event SCP introduced in the Christmas 2020/2021 update. It is an anomalous, teleporting Christmas tree that will try to give players an item they may need. This page will focus on its mechanics for the Xmas 2020 Event.

In Game

After 90 seconds have passed at the start of the round, SCP-2536 will choose a random player to teleport to. SCP-2536 appears in a flash of blue light, accompanied by a speaker at its base playing music. Three presents will spawn under SCP-2536 and can be opened to receive loot, which is randomly decided based upon their class or a situation they might be in. After 30 seconds, SCP-2536 will teleport away, and wait 70 seconds before teleporting to a new player.


SCP-2536 appears with 3 presents underneath it. These presents can be individually opened, and they each contain different items. Each human class has a different pool of items that they may find. The contained items also vary widely depending on a situation they might be in - for instance, a person with low health might find a healing item of some kind. Whether or not a present gives items depending on a class or a situation is entirely random.

Presents also account for item limits. For instance, a player carrying the maximum amount of healing items won't receive any new ones from SCP-2536.

Loot Tables

SCP-2536 during the 2020 Event had two categories of loot tables, Class Based, which were loot tables assigned to a certain class, and Situation Based, which was a loot table where the item the player got, was determined by the current situation, such as low Stamina or near an SCP. The loot is determined by the player that SCP-2536 choose to spawn near. Once SCP-2536 has chosen a player and appeared in the room, the loot in each present has already been picked. Allowing other players to "steal" the present from the player.

For added accuracy, the following loot tables will use the inventory icon the items had at the time of the event as well as any old names. The following loot tables also contain removed Items.

Class Based Loot Tables

The following loot tables represent class-specific loot tables. When opening a present from SCP-2536, the game would pick a random item from a class's corresponding loot table, unless the player meet a condition in the Situation Based Loot Table. While Chaos were intended to only ever get Coal from SCP-2536, due to a bug, they could still get Situation Based Loot.

Class-D Personnel
Item Chance
Mobile Task Force
Item Chance
80 rounds for each firearm in inventory 30%
Facility Guard
Item Chance
Project 90
7.62 mm Rounds 30%
Item/Effect Chance
Upgrades held Keycard like
SCP-914 on the Fine Setting
Chaos Insurgent
Item Chance

Situation Based Loot Table

The following loot tables are tied to a players being stuck in a certain situation. If a player meets one of the requirements for this table, they will get the cooresponding loot. Some of these situations are still tied to a certain class, yet were still categorized as situation based due to being a different loot table.

Situation Loot
The player has 40 rounds or less for a firearm in their inventory. 80 rounds for the firearm
The player's health is 60 or less. Adrenaline (33%), First Aid Kit (33%), Painkillers (33%)
An SCP (not SCP-079 or SCP-106) is in the same room. Adrenaline (50%), Flashbang Grenade (50%)
SCP-106 is in the same room. Adrenaline (50%), First Aid Kit (50%)
The player is a Class-D in SCP-914's Chamber and the gate is closed Scientist Keycard
The player is a Class-D in SCP-012's Containment Chamber and the door is closed Fragmentation Grenade
The player is Facility Guard and next to a closed Gate A/B with a Scientist or a detained Class-D Lieutenant Keycard
Player is MTF and the MTF are outnumbered by Chaos by three or more. 100 rounds of 9mm, 5.56mm and 7.62mm (50%), Fragmentation Grenade (50%)
The player has any negative Status Effect and does not have the Invigorated, Invisibility or SCP-939 Visuals Status Effects. SCP-500 is automatically applied to the player (Besides heal and regen)
The player is a Class-D and is near a Facility Guard. COM-15 Sidearm
The player is inside Site-02 while the Alpha Warhead is activated SCP-207
The player is MTF and outside of the Micro HID Armory and remaining MTF count (of their unit) is less than 20%. Commander Keycard
The player has a Micro H.I.D. that has no charge The Micro H.I.D. is recharged
The player is a Class-D and is nearby three other Class-Ds Random firearm with 80 rounds of the appropriate type.
The player is MTF, Facility Guard or Scientist and three or more Chaos are near. Fragmentation Grenade
A Bulletproof Locker №7 can spawn in room* Research Supervisor Keycard

*Despite having a possible Bulletproof Locker №7 spawn, Garden Chamber was not considered a valid room.


  • SCP-2536 was the first non-series 1 SCP to be added to SCP: Secret Laboratory.
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