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Health 2200
Hume Shield (Initial) 350
Hume Shield (20% HP) 600
Spawn Zone Heavy Containment Zone
Movement Speed Through Doors: 2 m/s
Normal: 4.5 m/s
Stalk: 7 m/s
Special Ability Teleportation
Send players to Pocket Dimension
Hide in the floor
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Class Color EC2222
Class ID 3

SCP-106 is one of the seven playable SCP classes in SCP: Secret Laboratory.
SCP-106 is effective at flanking targets, capable of quickly moving around the map and cutting enemies off.

Operational Guides

Class Operational Guide

Out of the darkness came a man, covered in death and rotting. Pain and terror were known to its victims, for the strongest walls held no solace. No fortress known to man could impede this creature from dragging its prey into Hell; where hope holds no meaning, and where screaming simply makes the torment worse.

"I can still hear her screaming for help, you know. She didn't know, none of them did. God damn it, they weren't even supposed to be there! If it hadn't been for me she… she would have... she might still be alive but she's gone. It came out of the floor and took her. I wonder how long she looked for it… for a way out. A way that isn't there. So yes doctor, I’m sure I want to take the damn amnestics."
-Agent █████ ████████, Site-██ Security

Abilities Operational Guides

- [Shift] — Stalk

Trigger Stalk to submerge SCP-106 in the ground, allowing him to move undetected at high speeds. While Stalk is active, SCP-106 is imperceptible, moves silently, and is ignored by Tesla gates. Trigger the ability again for SCP-106 to re-emerge. 

Stalk is fueled by Vigor. SCP-106 starts the game with a full bar of Vigor. While Stalk is active, Vigor is drained. If Vigor runs out, SCP-106 is forced to re-emerge where he stands. A minimum amount of Vigor is required to activate Stalk.

When in Stalk, SCP-106 can only see humans who are injured. As a human becomes increasingly injured, SCP-106 can see them from further away.

SCP-106 passively regenerates Hume Shield when in Stalk. 

And so from the darkness came a man, bringing forth the abyss that swallowed him before…

- [LMB] — Capture

When not in Stalk, press the Attack button to attempt Capture on a human. Humans captured by SCP-106 are sent to the Pocket Dimension and are inflicted with the Traumatized status effect.

…Pain and terror were made known to his victims. For those were the only things he himself knew…

- [TAB] — Hunter’s Atlas

Press the Tab button to open up the Hunter’s Atlas: a small map displaying all rooms within a large radius of SCP-106. Clicking on any of the rooms will cause SCP-106 to immediately teleport to them, at the cost of Vigor. 

…The old man felt a sense of nostalgia, as he wandered around the many halls, reminding him of a place he once knew…

In Game

At the start of the round, SCP-106 will spawn at the top of its Containment Cell located in Heavy Containment Zone. SCP-106 has low stats and is incapable of regenerating their Hume Shield passively for free. SCP-106's attack is incredibly slow when successful, making SCP-106 ineffective at attacking multiple humans at once on their own. SCP-106 makes up for these weaknesses with their mobility, which allows them to easily transport around Site-02.
SCP-106 also has the passive ability to phase through doors by simply walking into them. This is possible with any interactable door besides the Evacuation Shelter. SCP-106 can not phase through elevator doors. SCP-106 emits a fairly loud breathing noise that can be heard up to seven meters away.
SCP-106 can talk to the other SCPs by holding down the Q key. This voice chat can be heard by all SCPs, regardless of the distance.

Hume Shield

  • SCP-106 has a base Hume Shield value of 350.
    • At 20% of HP, SCP-106 will have 600 Hume Shield.
  • If SCP-106 is currently using their Stalk ability, their Hume Shield will regenerate by 10% HS/s.


Vigor acts somewhat similarly to SCP-079's Auxiliary Power, a mana-like bar that gets drained by SCP-106 performing abilities. The bar will regenerate three units every second as long as SCP-106 is considered actively moving. Attacking a Human with either the Traumatized or Corrosion Status Effects will also restore 30 Vigor. SCP-106's Stalk and Hunter's Atlas will use up Vigor when performed. Vigor can not regenerate if SCP-106 isn't actively moving. Actively moving is defined in game by an invisible 2 meter circle that is around SCP-106. If SCP-106 stays within this 2 meter radius, Vigor will cease to regenerate. When SCP-106 leaves the 2 meter radius, the timer resets and the radius is update to center itself around SCP-106. Additionally, the cooldown for Stalk and Hunters Atlas is faster while actively moving.

Vigor is displayed as a bar in the bottom left corner, similar to the Stamina bar. SCP-106 starts the round with 0 Vigor.
caption=Visual example (Note: Image is from indev, the range is not 5m.)



SCP-106 can attack any human by pressing Left Click on them. The attack has a large hitbox and will not apply a cooldown if it misses.
Successful attacks will deal 30 damage to the target initially and apply the Corroding status effect for 20 seconds. Corroding will apply damage over time, and will deal a total of 72 damage to the target when combined with the initial attack. If SCP-106 attacks a player with Corroding applied, that player will permanently be given the Traumatized status effect and taken to the Pocket Dimension; this also grants SCP-106 a Vigor bonus. If SCP-106 attacks a player with that has the Traumatized effect, that player will instantly die and grant SCP-106 a Vigor bonus. Successful attacks have a 1.5 second cooldown. The attack can not be used while Stalk is active, or when entering/exiting the ground. Each successfully captured human will reduce an active cooldown on Stalk or Hunter's Atlas by five seconds.

Pocket Dimension

Inside the Pocket Dimension

The Pocket Dimension is where targets successfully captured by SCP-106 end up. The Pocket Dimension consists of a small green room with multiple hallways that lead into darkness. Players inside the Pocket Dimension will have their HP decay over time. The longer they stay inside the Pocket Dimension, the faster their HP decays, eventually outpacing the regen speed of SCP-500. There is no damage cap for the decay.

To escape the Pocket Dimension, a player must walk down a hallway. If the player chooses correctly, they get teleported to a random door in the zone they were previously in. Players will never be teleported directly near a Keycard locked door, preventing players from escaping the Pocket Dimension only to be locked inside a room they can't open. Players can still be teleported to a non Keycard locked door that is nearby, but these will never result in the player being locked inside the room.

The following rooms are unable to be selected when escaping the Pocket Dimension:

Choosing the incorrect hallway will kill the player. There are always two correct exits in the Pocket Dimension at once. These exits will randomly change places each time someone escapes.

Despite popular belief, there is no secret pattern to escape the Pocket Dimension. The two exits picked are 100% random. Any "patterns", such as the ceiling, are not factual.

Item Deletion

When an item is dropped in the Pocket Dimension, a timer between 1.5 and 4 minutes will start to count down. When there are five seconds left on the timer, the game decides if the item will either be deleted or transported to a random room in Site-02. The chance of an item getting deleted depends on the item, while the room it enters will be random. Though, an item will never get sent to Light Containment Zone once the Decontamination Process has started. A sound cue will begin to play in the chosen room three seconds before the item drops.
From a technical stand point, the location an item is dropped is based on the position of a random player. The random player is chosen at the start of the timer. Making it hard to predict where an item will actually land.

The following items are considered Low Tier, and will have a 50% chance to be deleted when the timer ends:

The following items are considered Mid Tier, and will have a 30% chance to be deleted when the timer ends:

The following items are considered High Tier, and will never be deleted when the timer ends:

Due to their mechanics, SCP-018, SCP-244 and SCP-2176 can end up activating when they are dropped out of the Pocket Dimension.

SCP-106 emerging from Stalk behind a Nine-Tailed Fox Private.


SCP-106 can submerge and hide in the floor by pressing the Shift key as long as they have 25% of Vigor. It does not actually cost 25% Vigor to use, it simply requires the bar to be 25% full. SCP-106 can move around while submerged faster than before (at 7 m/s) with their footsteps becoming silent. Every second SCP-106 spends while submerged will drain 9% of Vigor while moving. Standing still will only drain 6% per second. Stalk is the only way for SCP-106 to regen their Hume Shield, at a rate of 10% HS/s with no delay.

While submerged, SCP-106 will be unable to see any Humans from afar unless they are injured, with the distance SCP-106 can see them varying on their health. Every five points of health a human is missing will increase the range SCP-106 can see them. Injured humans will have a crimson tint applied, which becomes more noticeable the lower their health is. Humans with the Traumatized Status Effect can be seen regardless of their health. The ability does not allow SCP-106 to see players through walls or users under the effects of SCP-268 or Invigorated. Both of the two effects will override Traumatized. SCP-106 is immune to the fog generated by SCP-244 while submerged.

Pressing the Shift key again or running out of Vigor will cause SCP-106 to reemerge. Stalk has a 10 second cooldown, this cooldown also applies to Hunter's Atlas. Each captured human will reduce an active cooldown by five seconds. The cooldown is two times slower if SCP-106 isn't actively moving.

SCP-106 is immune to all forms of damage while submerged except the following:

Hunter's Atlas

Hunter's Atlas Icon

Holding the Tab key will open up a map, allowing SCP-106 to transport to nearby rooms. Similar to Stalk, the ability requires the Vigor Bar to be 25% full to use, but doesn't actually cost 25%.
This map is not as versatile as SCP-079's map, as it only displays nearby rooms without listing their names. Teleporting to a room cost Vigor, with the amount based on the distance SCP-106 has to travel. It cost 1.9% of Vigor for every meter SCP-106 teleports. A hallway is 15 meter long, making one hallway effectively cost 28.5% of Vigor. The map will only display rooms SCP-106 has enough Vigor to teleport to.
SCP-106 will teleport to the rough spot the player clicked on the map. SCP-106 will not teleport inside a Tesla Gate or a death pit. Rooms with multiple floors that overlap each other such as Intercom, SCP-106's Containment Chamber and Servers Room can be somewhat unpredictable on what floor SCP-106 will teleport to.

The ability can't be used to teleport to the Alpha Warhead Silo or SCP-049's Containment Chamber besides the hallway elevator leading to them.
The ability is disabled while on the Surface Zone or while in a moving elevator. Though, if the elevator only recently started moving or is about to end, the ability can be used.

Hunter's Atlas has a 10 second cooldown, this cooldown also applies to Stalk. Each captured human will reduce an active cooldown by five seconds. The cooldown is two times slower if SCP-106 isn't actively moving.

Related Achievements

Click to view 2 achievement(s) related to SCP-106:

He'll Be Back...
Successfully escape the Pocket Dimension after being captured by SCP-106.

Melancholy of Decay
As SCP-106, send a player to the Pocket Dimension within five seconds of fully emerging from the ground.


Ability SFX


SCP-106 Changelog History
0.1.0 Added SCP-106.
0.3.1 "Pocket Dimension works again".
0.4.2 Recontaining SCP-106 no longer causes the server to start lagging.
1.0.0 Added unique movement sounds to SCP-106
1st April 2018 Renamed SCP-106 to T-POSE In reference to a present bug with the playermodel where it's upper half would start T-posing. for the 2018 April Fools update.
5.0.0 Ragdoll added.
SCP-106 can no longer be contained by SCPs.
5.0.1 Fixed SCP-106 being able to be contained without a lure victim.
7.0.0 The playermodel for SCP-106 has been changed to an in-house one.
Maximum HP lowered to 650 HP Was 700 HP.. (Not mentioned in the changelog)
31st October 2018 Renamed SCP-106 to Creepyuncle-106 and put a pumpkin over its head for the 2018 Halloween update.
1st April 2019 Added Big Enough by Kirin J Callinan to the background of the Lure Victim's scream In reference to the part of the song which had Jimmy Barnes yelling when the beat dropped. for the 2019 April Fools update.
9.0.0 Increased movement speed to 6 hu/s. Was 5.6 hu/s
Increased attack cooldown to 2 seconds. Was 1 second.
Made the attack cooldown occur only on successful hits. Prior the attack cooldown would occur regardless of if the attack missed or not.
Players in the Pocket Dimension will now have damage on them ramp up depending on long they've spent inside of it.
Players can no longer sprint inside the Pocket Dimension.
9.0.3 SCP-106 can now abduct players who have godmode active.
10.0.0 Public Beta XXIII SCP-106 can now go through windows.
SCP-106 can now go through the Airlock doors in the LCZ Airlock.
31st October 2020 Made SCP-106s texture white, made its mouth and eyes glow orange and renamed it to Bonehead Larry for the 2020 Halloween update.
10.2.2 SCP-106's portals now teleport along with the elevators.
11.0.0 Patreon Beta HP increased to 800. Was 650
SCP-106's portals are now erased if they were inside the facility after the nuke goes off.
SCP-106 now wears a Jacket.
SCP-106 now has a unique death animation.
Public Beta II SCP-079 can now gain EXP from SCP-106 abductions again.
Release Candidate III HP increased to 850 Was 800.
Pocket Dimension exit doorways changing after a player dies is now enabled by default in the server configs.
Players escaping the Pocket Dimension now get dropped into a random location in the zone they were abducted inside.
24th October 2021 Made SCP-106 white and made its face and mouth glow for the 2021 Halloween update.
HP increased to 1200.
Bullet damage resistance reduced to 80%. Was 90%.
29th September 2022 A Patreon post about SCP-106s soft-rework is made public.
12.0.0 Patreon Beta I Soft-reworked SCP-106.
  • HP increased to 2000.
  • Given 250 HS with HP scaling 500 HS at minimum HP. Stalk required to regenerate.
  • Removed Sinkhole Was an ability that allowed SCP-106 to place a portal at a point and then teleport to it.
  • Removed Swan Song Was an ability that gave SCP-106 damage resistance against bullets.
  • Removed Recontainment capability.
  • Added Stalk.
  • Added Hunters Atlas.
  • Added Vigor.
  • Base speed has undergone metrification, it is now ~3.9 m/s. (Effectively a decrease)
  • The Pocket Dimension will now dispense items into the facility or destroy them depending on their value after a certain amount of time.
Patreon Beta II SCP-106 can now move while viewing the Hunter's Atlas map.
Increased movement speed to 4.5 m/s was ~3.9 m/s.
Patreon Beta IV SCP-079 can now gain EXP from SCP-106 abductions again.
Patreon Beta VIII Removed miss attack mechanics.
Patreon Beta IX SCP-106 can no longer be hurt by SCP-018 while using Stalk.
Public Beta Increased Hume Shield values.
Emerging from ‘Stalk’ will trigger a cooldown, preventing use of ‘Hunter's Atlas’ and ‘Stalk’ for 20 seconds. Each human captured reduces the cooldown by five seconds.
SCP-106 can now also see uninjured people at a short distance in ‘Stalk’.
‘Attack Cooldown’ on miss has been removed; the cooldown on a successful hit has been lowered.
Hunter's Atlas now applies sinkhole cooldown.
SCP-106 Vigor regeneration pauses during sinkhole cooldown.
Vigor will no longer regenerate if SCP-106 remains stationary.
The playermodel for SCP-106 received a new texture.
Rebalanced SCP-106.
  • HP increased to 2200.
  • Base HS increased to 350.
  • Maximum HS decreased to 750
  • Added constant breathing sound effects.
  • Can no longer go through SCP-079's containment doors whilst locked.
  • Reworked main attack. Attack now requires two hits to send targets to the Pocket Dimension with a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.
  • Sinking into the floor with Stalk takes 0.6 seconds longer.
  • Emerging from the floor with Stalk is 0.6 seconds faster.
  • Cooldown on teleportation abilities recovers twice as fast when moving.
  • Vigor can now regenerate during cooldown.



  • SCP-106 was the first SCP to get a complete visual rework, with a new model and animations.
    • SCP-106's old model was created using Fuse, and bears similarities to SCP-049-2, except being taller, darker, and nude.
  • The Stalk ability was referred to as Shark Mode by the dev team before the final name was decided.
    • Despite its name, the ability was not inspired by the popular "Stalky SCP-106" plugin. It was instead inspired by an old proposal dating back to 2018. Predating the "Stalky SCP-106" plugin by four to five months.
  • SCP-106 does not have a normal ragdoll upon dying. Instead, upon being killed, he will open a portal to the Pocket Dimension, and sink into it, creating a large black puddle. This puddle will then remain in place of his body for the rest of the match. Thus, similar to SCP-079, SCP-096 and SCP-939, they do not die. This does not apply when SCP-106 is terminated using the 3-X Particle Disruptor, despite the puddle still appearing.
    • While developing SCP-106's death animation, originally they would become petrified. This was then scrapped in favor of having SCP-106 sink back into their Pocket Dimension.
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