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ATTENTION! This changelog contains information about a Patreon Early Acesss Rebalancing Session (PEARS).
Not all of these changes will make it into the base game, if any.

PEARS Session 1
Testing Period
11 Feb 2023 to 13 Feb 2023
Session chronology
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PERS Session 1 Balance Changes

  • Round ending conditions have been changed for this test. When Chaos Insurgency spawn, more than half of the spawn wave must die for the round to end.

Developer Comments:

Our goal with this change is to experiment with the role Chaos Insurgency plays. By incentivising the SCP team to target Chaos Insurgency, we hope to create a more active role for Chaos Insurgency towards the outcome of the game.


  • Receives 40% damage reduction when not enraged and when enraging begins.
  • Rage state remains unchanged.

Developer Comments:

At present, SCP-096 feels very weak outside of rage, so we thought of giving it a survivability boost outside of that situation without boosting HP, Hume Shield, or rage strength. This change was chosen to attempt to tone down the vulnerability of SCP-096 faced whilst not enraged.


  • Can ‘hold’ a Blink charge when unobserved for one second less.
  • Movement speed changed from 7.3m/s to 6.3m/s.
  • Now spawns in the Heavy Containment Alpha Warhead room.

Developer Comments:

Currently, SCP-173 spawns in the Light Containment Zone (LCZ) due to SCP:SL’s inspiration: SCP: Containment Breach. With this change, it should reduce SCP-173’s ability to dominate Civilians within LCZ. Changes made to SCP-173’s Blink and movement speed are intended to reduce/eliminate player frustrations with the ‘holding a Blink’ mechanic. We feel our current version of SCP-173 is too strong when ‘chaining’ kills on multiple targets. This new iteration of SCP-173 experiments with dialing back its ability to chain kills, whilst not inhibiting SCP-173’s ability to kill individual targets.

  • All human classes, regardless of armour worn, can hold an extra ten 9mm ammo.

Developer Comments:

These changes are intended to increase the power of civilian classes in the early game, alongside the MTF Private during the later stages of a round.

  • Death of military classes contributing to the ‘Respawn Tickets’ system has been altered. Now, the killing of each militant class contributes less overall.

Developer Comments:

In the live game, it’s very easy to overwhelm the opposing militant team and secure another respawn for the team that is already winning. These changes will alter the ticket system in such a way that other factors more heavily influence which team spawns.

  • One of our game developers (Mith#7575) has changed the human hit registration behind SCP-018. It should be significantly more consistent now. We’ve also increased the size of its hitbox to 150% of the original.

Developer Comments:


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