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Latest Update and Announcement
Most Recent Announcement
SCPSL contest23.png

It is that time again! The Northwood Studio’s annual Art Contest for 2023 is finally here! During the month in October, artist can upload submissions for the community to vote on. Check out our steam post for more details.

Most Recent Update
Splash Screen New Logo MK2.png
Version: v13.2.1
Release Date: 7 Sep 2023
Update Highlights
  • FR-MG-0 Tweaks
  • SCP-939 Tweaks
  • Bug Fixes
Most Recent PEARS
Session: PEARS 4
Testing Period: 29 Sep 2023 to 1 Oct 2023
Session Highlights
  • Reinforcement Overhaul v2
  • SCP-079 Alpha Warhead Override
  • New Audio Assets

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