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Welcome to the Official SCP: Secret Laboratory Wiki!
The official information hub for all things SCP:SL, with 185 pages and counting!

Below you can find some articles on the SCPs, various playable classes and more.

Latest Update and Announcement
Most Recent Announcement
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Have a question about the game? Want to know how game design makes a processs? Or the best SCP to eat? From Sept 22nd to Sept 25th. An AMA will be held on our reddit!

Most Recent Update
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Version: v11.2.1
Release Date: 25 Jun 2022
Update Highlights
  • SCP-096 and SCP-173 Hume Shield changes
  • SCP-224 changes
  • SCP-1853 changes
  • Shotgun changes
  • Bug fixes
Wiki Support
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Wiki Staff Stewards

We do not use talk pages on this wiki for communication. If you have an issue with the wiki or want to suggest something. Join the Official SCP:SL Discord and ask for help in the #wiki-support channel. It is also important to note that edits by non-wiki staff do not show up until approved by a wiki staff.