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The Heavy Containment Zone is the second zone of three in the facility, it is also the most dangerous zone as most SCPs spawn here.

SCP-049, SCP-096, SCP-106 and SCP-939 spawn in this zone.

Unique Areas

Elevator System

Two elevators that transport the player to the LCZ checkpoint.

File:Elevator A.png
Elevator System A

File:Elevator B.png
Elevator System B

Warhead Silo

An area that includes the silo and armory, it can only be accessed via an elevator.

In front of the elevator is the silo itself, with the nuclear warhead seated in place, behind the warhead there is a control panel, the control panel allows activation/deactivation of the warhead.

Near the control panel is an armory, the armory includes an Epsilon-11 SR and a Workstation.

There is also a chance that a Senior Guard keycard may spawn on the shelves near the control panel.

Possible Loot:

Elevator leading to the silo

Warhead silo

Control panel

Ammunition Armory

A T-shaped area which is connected with a walkway, falling off the walkway will kill the player.

The armory itself includes a number of 7.62MM magazines and a Workstation.


  • 10 7.62MM magazines

File:Ammunition Armory Door.png
Entrance to the armory

File:Ammunition Armory.png
Inside the armory

Tesla Gate

Hallways equipped with high powered tesla coils.

Coming close to the coil will activate it's sensors and charge it, if a player is in the tesla coil when it is firing, it will shock and kill them.

Server Room

Two-level room full of servers, mainly used for hiding.

Up to two Senior Guard keycards may spawn, one on each level.

Possible Loot:

Micro HID Armory

Armory containing the Micro HID, and a Workstation.


File:M-HID Armory.png
Inside the armory

SCP-939's Spawn

A high area with a walkway on the left side, and on the right side, behind a door is a stairway that leads to the bottom of the hole.

Also a spawn area for both SCP-939 instances.

File:SP 939 Top.png
As seen from the entrance

SCP-049's Containment Area

The containment area and chamber of SCP-049, can only be entered via an elevator.

Once descended below into SCP-049's containment area and walking down a corridor, two doors and some shelves can be seen.

The bigger gate door is the door to SCP-049's containment chamber, while the normal door is the leads to the armory.

The armory contains a Epsilon-11 SR and a medkit.


Elevator leading to SCP-049's containment area

SCP-049's containment area

SCP-106's Containment Area

The containment area of SCP-106 is a even darker compared to the rest of the HCZ, housing one of the most dangerous SCPs.

To the right of the entrance is SCP-106's containment chamber, the chamber floats above the ground and can be jumped to from the entrance platform, falling off is fatal.

Opening the door to the control room shows the Femur Breaker and a big red button.

The Femur Breaker is a small room that allows a single person to sacrifice themselves and re-contain SCP-106, once a human goes inside the Femur Breaker they are instantly killed and the door is closed behind them.

By pressing the button an audio cue will start to play and soon after SCP-106 will be re-contained.

File:CC 106 Entrance.png
SCP-106's containment area

Femur Breaker room

SCP-096's Containment Area

The containment area includes a small control room and SCP-096's chamber.

The control room has some computers in it but has nothing of interest for the player.

The chamber is a red room filled with movement sensors to keep track of SCP-096 when its inside, a MTF Commander keycard can be found inside.


File:CC 096 Door.png
Entrance to SCP-096's chamber

SCP-096's containment chamber

SCP-079's Containment Area

Upon entering SCP-079's containment area the walls and floor will clearly contrast from the rest of the HCZ, as instead of a dark black/brown it is instead white.

Two gates are in the way to SCP-079, after entering a monitor with a blue screen can be seen in SCP-079's cage.

It currently does nothing as SCP-079 is still in development, so the whole containment area is only used for hiding.

Entrance to SCP-079's containment area

SCP-079's containment area and cage

Entrance Zone Checkpoint

Checkpoint leading to the Entrance Zone.



Straight Hallway

File:HL S.png
Straight hallway

Corner Hallway

File:HL C.png
C shaped hallway

3-Way Intersection

File:HL T.png
T shaped hallway

4-Way Intersection

File:HL X.png
X shaped hallway