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This documentation explains the uses of all configuration fields in the server configuration file config_gameplay.txt.

Main server settings

Main server settings that are required for verification.

Change server name, player count, etc.

Config Field Description Default Value Introduced in version Removed in version
server_name Server name displayed in the server list. My Server Name - (Not removed)
player_list_title Server name displayed only in the player list. default (Default makes it use the server_name value for both) - -
player_list_title_rate The amount of time (in seconds) between refreshing the title of the player list default - (Not removed)
serverinfo_pastebin_id Set pastebin id used for the info tab on the server browser. 7wV681fT - (Not removed)
server_ip IP Address of the server used for joining from the server browser.

Note: When set to "auto" server will try to get its own public IP address.

auto - (Not removed)
max_players Max amount of players that can be connected to the server at once. 20 - (Not removed)
server_tickrate How many frames per second 60 - -
contact_email Contact email address for the server owner or administration. N/A

Note: this field must be manually added to the server config.

- (Not removed)
port_queue Which ports will be used for connecting through the server. - 7777
- 7778
- 7779
- 7780
- 7781
- 7782
- 7783
- 7784
- 9.0.0

(Removed for dedicated servers only)

lobby_waiting_time The waiting time before the game starts 20 9.0.0 (Not removed)
use_reserved_slots Enable the reserved slots or not true 9.0.0 (Not removed)
ipv4_bind_ip Set the IPV4 of the server 9.0.0 (Not removed)
ipv6_bind_ip Set the IPV6 of the server :: 9.0.0 (Not removed)

Gameplay settings

Settings which change the actual gameplay in some way.


Change warhead and intercom timers, friendly fire, etc.

Config Field Description Default Value Introduced in version Removed in version
afk_time How many seconds someone can be AFK in their spawn location before being kicked 90 - (Not removed)
constantly_check_afk False - (Not removed)
intercom_cooldown Intercom cooldown after use in seconds. 120 - (Not removed)
intercom_max_speech_time Amount of time a player can use the intercom in seconds. 20 - (Not removed)
auto_round_restart_time Length of time after the round has ended for the round to restart in seconds. 10 - (Not removed)
friendly_fire Enable or disable friendly fire for humans. false - (Not removed)
friendly_fire_multiplier 1 - (Not removed)
warhead_tminus_start_duration Countdown timer until the warhead detonates in seconds. (Minimum 70, maximum 120) 90 - (Not removed)
human_grenade_multiplier Grenade damage multiplier for humans. 0.7 - (Not removed)
scp_grenade_multiplier Grenade damage multiplier for SCPs. 1 - (Not removed)
lock_gates_on_countdown Forces the entrance gates to be open when the warhead is counting down. true - (Not removed)
isolate_zones_on_countdown Locks all checkpoints when the warhead is counting down. false 8.0.0 (Not removed)
open_doors_on_countdown Forces all normal doors and checkpoints to be open when the warhead is counting down. true - (Not removed)
allow_playing_as_tutorial Allows players to play as the tutorial class. true - (Not removed)
914_mode Sets how 914 operates on players

(Options: DroppedAndPlayerTeleport, Inventory, DroppedAndInventory, Held, DroppedAndHeld, Dropped)

DroppedAndPlayerTeleport 9.0.3 (Not removed)
keep_items_after_escaping Sets when a player escapes if the old items fall on the ground true 9.0.0 (Not removed)
096_destroy_locked_doors Sets if SCP 096 can destroy locked doors true 9.0.0 (Not removed)
no_holidays Disable the holidays and other generation event (like Halloween) false - (Not removed)
allow_disarmed_interaction Allowed handcuffed player to interact with door or elevator false - (Not removed)
sinkhole_slow_amount How much the sinkhole makes the player slower 30 9.0.3 (Not removed)
sinkhole_spawn_chance The spawn chance to spawn a sinkhole (0 to disable) 0 9.0.3 (Not removed)


Change spawn chances, patterns, etc.

Config Field Description Default Value Introduced in version Removed in version
minimum_MTF_time_to_spawn Minimum time it can take from the last wave for a new one to spawn. 280 - (Not removed)
maximum_MTF_time_to_spawn Maximum time it can take from the last wave for a new one to spawn. 350 - (Not removed)
maximum_MTF_respawn_amount The amount of player who can respawn. 15 9.0.3 (Not removed)
maximum_CI_respawn_amount The amount of player who can respawn. 15 9.0.3 (Not removed)
priority_mtf_respawn Should MTF be a top priority for a respawn team? true - (Not removed)
use_crypto_rng Enables better randomness for generation by using cryptograhic random number generator (RNG).

Note: Cryptograhic RNG uses more CPU to generate numbers.

false 8.0.0 (Not removed)
ci_respawn_percent Chance for Chaos Insurgents to spawn in a wave. 35 - (Not removed)
ci_on_start_percent Chance for Chaos Insurgents to spawn at round start (Replaces Facility Guards). 10 - (Not removed)
team_respawn_queue Pattern in which the classes spawn at round start. 40143140314414041340 (Designed for 20 players) - (Not removed)
server_forced_class Forced class on round start. -1 (-1 = random) - (Not removed)
map_seed Force single map seed for all rounds. -1 (-1 = random) - (Not removed)

Spawn Tickets

Config Field Description Default Value Introduced in version Removed in version
respawn_tickets_mtf_initial_count The starting count for NTF Respawn Tickets 24 10.0.0 (Not removed)
respawn_tickets_ci_initial_count The starting count for Chaos respawn Tickets 14 10.0.0 (Not removed)
respawn_tickets_mtf_classd_cuffed_escape_count The amount of tickets MTF get for letting a Disarmed Class D escape 1 10.0.0 (Not removed)
respawn_tickets_mtf_scientist_escape_count The amount of tickets MTF get for letting a Scientist Escape 1 10.0.0 (Not removed)
respawn_tickets_mtf_scp_hurt_escape_count The amount of tickets MTF get for damaging an SCP 1 10.0.0 (Not removed)
respawn_tickets_ci_classd_escape_count The amount of tickets CI get for letting a Class D Escape 1 10.0.0 (Not removed)
respawn_tickets_ci_scientist_cuffed_escape_count The amount of tickets CI get for letting a Disarmed Scientist escape 2 10.0.0 (Not removed)
respawn_tickets_ci_scientist_died_count The amount of tickets CI get for killing a Scientist 1 10.0.0 (Not removed)
respawn_tickets_ci_scp_item_count The amount of tickets CI get when a Class-D or Chaos uses an SCP item 2 10.0.0 (Not removed)
respawn_tickets_mtf_scp_hurt_interva The percentage of health an SCP must lose to trigger the 'scp_hurt' tickets. 25 10.0.0 (Not removed)


Config Field Description Default Value Introduced in version Removed in version
stamina_balance_use The amount of stamina that is drained from running 0.05 10.0.0 (Not removed)
stamina_balance_immunity The time (in seconds) that newly-spawned players can sprint without consuming stamina 3 10.0.0 (Not removed)
stamina_balance_regen_cd The seconds that must pass before stamina starts regenerating after the player stops sprinting 1 10.0.0 (Not removed)
stamina_balance_regen_speed How fast the stamina regenerates multiplier 1 10.0.0 (Not removed)
stamina_balance_walk_speed Multiplier for human walk speed. 1.2 10.0.0 (Not removed)
stamina_balance_sprint_speed Multiplier for human sprint speed 1.05 10.0.0 (Not removed)

Pocket Dimension

Change exit counts, exit rooms, etc.

Config Field Description Default Value Introduced in version Removed in version
pd_exit_count Amount of exits in the pocket dimension. 2 - (Not removed)
pd_random_exit_rids Rooms in which a player can appear once they escape. - (Not removed)
pd_random_exit_rids_after_decontamination Rooms in which a player can appear once they escape after decontamination. - (Not removed)
pd_refresh_exit Randomize exits in pocket dimension once a player escapes. false - (Not removed)


Change team disarming, team changing.

Config Field Description Default Value Introduced in version Removed in version
commander_can_cuff_mtf Allow the MTF Commander to disarm other MTF. true - 9.0.0
mtf_can_cuff_researchers Allow MTF to disarm Scientists. true - (Not removed)
ci_can_cuff_class_d Allow Chaos Insurgents to disarm Class-Ds. true - (Not removed)
cuffed_escapee_change_team If a player escapes while disarmed they will switch team. (Class-D/Chaos Insurgent <> Scientist/MTF) default (default = true) - (Not removed)

Spawn Protection

Change spawn protection time and teams affected.

Config Field Description Default Value Introduced in version Removed in version
spawn_protect_disable Disable spawn protection true - (Not removed)
spawn_protect_time Spawn protection length in seconds. 30 - (Not removed)
spawn_protect_team Spawn protection enabled for selected team(s). 1, 2 (MTF, Chaos Insurgents) - (Not removed)
spawn_protect_allow_dmg Allow spawn protected players to deal damage. true - (Not removed)

Grenade Chain Reactions

Change how many grenades can be activated by other grenades.

Config Field Description Default Value Introduced in version Removed in version
grenade_chain_limit Maximum amount of greandes that can be activated by single grenade. 10 (-1 = unlimited | 0 = no chain reaction) - (Not removed)
grenade_chain_length_limit How many grenades can be chained in a row. 4 (-1 = unlimited | 0 = no chain reaction) - (Not removed)

Friendly Fire

Changes the friendly fire settings on the server.

Config Field Description Default Value Introduced in version Removed in version
ff_detector_global_broadcast_seconds Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_global_adminchat_seconds Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_classD_can_damage_classD Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_round_enabled Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_round_kills Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_round_damage Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_round_action Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_round_ban_time Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_round_bankick_reason Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_round_kill_reason Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_round_adminchat_enable Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_round_adminchat_message Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_round_broadcast_enable Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_round_broadcast_message Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_round_webhook_report Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_life_enabled Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_life_kills Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_life_damage Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_life_action Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_life_ban_time Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_life_bankick_reason Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_life_kill_reason Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_life_adminchat_enable Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_life_adminchat_message Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_life_broadcast_enable Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_life_broadcast_message Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_life_webhook_report Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_window_enabled Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_window_seconds Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_window_kills Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_window_damage Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_window_action Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_window_ban_time Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_window_bankick_reason Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_window_kill_reason Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_window_adminchat_enable Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_window_adminchat_message Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_window_broadcast_enable Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_window_broadcast_message Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_window_webhook_report Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_spawn_enabled: default Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_spawn_window_seconds Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_spawn_kills Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_spawn_damage Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_spawn_action Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_spawn_ban_time Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_spawn_bankick_reason Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_spawn_kill_reason Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_spawn_adminchat_enable Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_spawn_adminchat_message Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_spawn_broadcast_enable Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_spawn_broadcast_message Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)
ff_detector_spawn_webhook_report Empty default 10.0.0 (Not removed)

Security & Anticheat

Change activated anticheat protections, port querys, etc.

Recommended to not be changed from what it is by default.

Config Field Description Default Value Introduced in version Removed in version
online_mode Enables connection to central servers.

Note: disabling this will disable:

  • UserID based bans, reserved slots, whitelist and RA authentication
  • Server visiblity on server browser
true - (Not removed)
ip_banning Enables IP banning.

Note: disable this if you are using eg. proxy, firewall or Anti DDoS system that changes IP addresses from players to own.

true - (Not removed)
enable_whitelist Allows only whitelisted users to join. false - (Not removed)
hide_from_public_list Hides server from server browser. false - (Not removed)
forward_ports Enables automatic port forwarding.

Note: router must have enabled UPnP support to make this work.

true - (Not removed)
enable_query Enables query protocol (TCP port). false - (Not removed)
query_port_shift Determines shift between game port and query port. 0 - (Not removed)
query_use_IPv6 Enables query over IPv6 protocol. true - (Not removed)
administrator_query_password Sets administrator password for query procol. none - (Not removed)
enable_sync_command_binding N/A false 8.0.0 (Not removed)
anti_player_wallhack N/A default - 9.0.0
noclip_protection_output Enables noclip protection logging. false - 9.0.0
speedhack_protection_output Enables speedhack protection logging. false - 9.0.0
ratelimit_kick Kicks user after exceeding commands rate limits (otherwise just disallows command execution). true - (Not removed)

Administration Broadcast

Change broadcasts for kicks and bans, their duration and message.

Config Field Description Default Value Introduced in version Removed in version
broadcast_kicks Enable broadcasts for player kicks. false 8.0.0 (Not removed)
broadcast_kick_text Text that is displayed when a player gets kicked. %nick% has been kicked from this server. 8.0.0 (Not removed)
broadcast_kick_duration Broadcast message duration in seconds. 5 8.0.0 (Not removed)
broadcast_bans Enable broadcasts for player bans. true 8.0.0 (Not removed)
broadcast_ban_text Text that is displayed when a player gets banned. %nick% has been banned from this server. 8.0.0 (Not removed)
broadcast_ban_duration Broadcast message duration in seconds. 5 8.0.0 (Not removed)