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Chaos Insurgent
Appearance F1 Menu Art

5.56mm - 0 rounds; 7.62mm - 100 rounds; 9mm - 0 rounds
CATSTATUS.png Health: 120
CATSPRINT.png Walk: 5.4 m/s CATSPRINT.png Sprint: 7.35 m/s
Allies Enemies
Class-Ds Facility Guards
Mobile Task Force
Other Information
Spawn Location: Surface Zone
Class ID = 8

In Game

Chaos Insurgents are a military class that spawn under the bridge in the Surface Zone. Chaos Insurgents are green camouflage-clad, ex-Foundation members who are tasked with eliminating Facility Guards and Mobile Task Force, while also saving the Class-D.

The CI must enter the facility, rescue all remaining Class-D and escort them to the surface. They must also eliminate all opposing forces including NTF, scientists and hostile SCPs that may stand in their way. Chaos Insurgents win the "D Class Victory" if at least one D Class escapes and all Nine Tailed Fox operators and scientists are dead. It should also be noted that on some servers, Chaos can choose to detain Scientists with a disarmer then let them escape while they are still detained. This will turn the Scientist into Chaos, while giving the Chaos two respawn tickets. A disarmed Scientist escaping will show up as a Class-D escaping on the win screen, allowing Chaos to still win if no Class-D managed to escape. Chaos don't have to kill SCPs to win but should be cautious of them. SCPs also don't have to kill Chaos to get an "SCP Victory", meaning that both factions can choose to either co-operate or not.

The Insurgents have the advantage of "stealth" upon entering given that only the Class-D and other Chaos hear their arrival via a subtle music cue. It should be noted that SCP-079 can tell if Chaos spawned by checking its map, but cannot hear the same cue.

By default, Chaos have a 10% chance at the start of the round. If this happens Facility Guards won't spawn.

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Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Spawn with the strongest close range weapon, the Logicer.
  • They win with the SCPs so they could technically team with them to get the SCP victory.
  • Each insurgent spawns with the equivalent of the Commander Keycard.


  • Can be easily outmatched on long range due to their weapon range.
  • Can be easily heard by the sound of their boots as they are quite loud.
  • The Logicer does half damage to SCPs, largely mitigating its firepower advantage. If you have to engage SCPs, it is advised to scavenge MTF guns.

Related Achievements

Respawning as Chaos will grant the CHAAOOOOS! achievement.


  • Chaos Insurgents and SCPs can ignore each other despite both of their objectives clashing.
  • This flexibility also opens the possiblity of SCPs and Chaos either fighting or working together.